You can regain any missing teeth with dental implants West Bridgford

August 19, 2022


If you have lost a tooth or several teeth then you will be able to recall what a painful and messy experience it was. Leaving a lasting impact upon your mouth, that may have caused you to make some changes to the way you used it. Let us dispel one misconception before we go any further, the biggest cause of tooth loss in the United Kingdom is not poor oral health, it is, in fact, due to being involved in an accident such as a road traffic accident or injury on a sports field.Losing a tooth may cause you to have to rethink the types of food that you consume, as you may wish to avoid foods that you feel have become difficult to bite and chew, such as steak. If you have lost teeth at the front of the mouth you may decide that it is better for you to avoid smiling in public, as this will cause you less embarrassment.You may have also begun to investigate the available ways to replace the lost teeth and come across dental devices such as bridges and dentures, just to feel that they do not completely meet your needs as you are wanting a permanent solution to your tooth loss.At Hilton Dental Clinic we can offer you a solution to your tooth loss that is fixed in place and hard-wearing enough to last you a lifetime through the use of dental implants West Bridgford.Just like giving you back your teethThe main advantage of dental implants West Bridgford is the way they will feel once they are in place within your mouth, as they will feel so natural that you will start to believe that they are just as good as your normal teeth. Best of all, they are hard-wearing enough to cope with the rigours and hazards that you will expose your teeth to throughout your daily life. With the correct care, brushing and flossing, your new replacement teeth should last you a very long time.To begin the procedure of replacing a single tooth we will first insert a strong titanium screw into your jawbone with the head of the screw poking out above the gum, this will create a sturdy base for your new tooth to be attached to using an abutment. Your new tooth will be created from a ceramic crown that is shaped and coloured, so it will seamlessly blend in with any teeth that are surrounding it.Very shortly after your treatment, you will be able to use your new tooth in all the normal ways, meaning you can start to enjoy those foods you may have been avoiding once more. While we have described the replacement of a single tooth here, this is a treatment that is suitable for treating the loss of several teeth, but the procedure may vary slightly in these cases.Get your teeth backIf you are looking for a permanent and fixed-in-place solution to your tooth loss we would advise you to investigate dental implants West Bridgford by calling our practice.

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