Why do patients choose dental implants to replace missing teeth?

March 9, 2021


To best appreciate why dental implants Nottingham continue to be the solution of choice for patients as well as dental practitioners, it is necessary to understand the numerous drawbacks to missing teeth and the difficulties they pose. Here at Hilton Dental Clinic we focus on providing reliable dental care, offering patients tried-and-tested techniques and procedures including quality dental implants Nottingham that can help them rehabilitate their oral health and functioning.

There are three main challenges that are most frustrating to patients who have lost adult teeth. The first of which is the less than desirable effect on dental aesthetics and the second (of equal importance), are the difficulties posed on masticatory function (ability to bite and chew effectively) and thirdly, speech.

While these may be the most immediate concerns of patients, these challenges can have secondary consequences that have a negative effect on quality of life. Consider for a moment how the loss of confidence – a patient may feel embarrassed or awkward about displaying a gap-toothed smile – reduces one’s willingness to engage with others and build relationships.

Consider too the impact on physical health when a patient does not receive the necessary nutrition from their diet because they cannot eat food properly.

With such weighty concerns to contend with, patients need to look at all suitable dental solutions that are designed to replace missing teeth and weigh up the pros and cons of each before deciding on the one that would work best to achieve their goals.

Advantages to opting for dental implants Nottingham

The momentous impact dental implants in Nottingham have had on the dental restoration and cosmetics markets, transforming patients’ lives and enabling the quality of life they had before losing adult teeth, is a major factor in the success of the treatment plan. Here’s why this particular restorative solution to missing teeth works so well.

Progressive design

Tooth implants feature a design that parallels that of natural human teeth; an aesthetically-pleasing crown on top of the gum line and a metal-based root that anchors the artificial tooth to the jawbone. Both these structures function in a similar way to natural teeth.

Confident masticatory function

Thanks to the metal root buried into the jawbone, there is very little risk to the tooth implant moving about in the mouth which addresses the challenges to biting and chewing food posed by conventional artificial teeth appliances.


It is important that in order to smile a wide winning smile, artificial teeth need to look as close to natural teeth as possible and dental implants answer to this purpose like no other missing tooth replacement solution.

Enhanced oral hygiene

Patients who have lost teeth to decay will know well the dire consequences of not cleaning teeth effectively. Improved oral hygiene maintenance is another reason why more patients consider tooth implants over other artificial teeth alternatives. All that is required is that patients consistently maintain the same dentist-recommended guidelines used in caring for natural teeth.

Make Hilton Dental Clinic your preferred choice for reliable, affordable, high-quality Nottingham dental implants. We have extremely capable dentists with extensive experience in dental implants that offer a long life of service.

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