Why do patients choose dental implants?

October 21, 2021


Living with missing teeth can be an incredibly frustrating experience. Teeth fulfill so many functions that we don’t think about often enough. And it is only when losing natural teeth or when we encounter problems with teeth that we begin to really appreciate just how important it is to hold on to our teeth.

There are many problems that can occur with an incomplete dental arch, but the overriding impact is the adverse effect on the quality of life. Patients will find that they experience challenges with simple things like eating and speaking and even smiling.

Our dental team at Hilton Dental Clinic encourages patients to consider suitable missing teeth replacement options, so that they keep hold of the quality of life they are used to and protect the integrity of their mouth functions. One such ideal solution that we offer is dental implants Nottingham.

Dental implants Nottingham are arguably the best dental restoration option, because of the many challenges these dental devices address. The secret to the efficacy of dental implants Nottingham lay in their unbelievably simple design.

Design of a tooth implant affords its success

Many patients marvel at how such a simple design can provide so many deliverables. This simple design takes the form of a metal rod that acts as a substitute tooth root and a dental cap that sits on the metal rod.

Once our implant dentist has conducted a full examination of the mouth and is assured the patient makes for a suitable candidate, we will go ahead and arrange for an implantation date. It is during this appointment that the patient will undergo a surgical procedure in which the metal rod will be inserted into the jawbone. The hope is that a natural process (a healing period) takes place whereby the metal rod fuses into the jawbone and becomes a natural part of the mouth.

The average length of time for this healing period is six weeks, and if all goes according to plan and healing is successful, the patient can then receive the dental crown which is installed on top of the abutment. This dental crown provides the aesthetic value of a tooth and restores normal tooth function as well.

Plus points of tooth implants

Tooth implants are the nearest thing to natural teeth which is why they are able to offer so many advantages.

Tooth implants offer a relatively long-term solution. As long as patients care for them, implants do not need replacing and can offer a long life of service.

Maintaining tooth implants is quite simple. There are no special requirements in caring for implants. We advise patients to implement dentist-approved oral hygiene measures at home like brushing teeth twice a day, flossing at least once a day, and scheduling regular check-ups at least every six months at our dental practice.

Tooth implants provide the same bite power as natural teeth. Implants are highly favoured because they stabilise jawbone density. As there is no risk of bone loss, the jawbone remains strong and healthy, allowing the patient to eat what they like.

In order for patients to qualify for implants, they need to arrange a consultation appointment and have their oral health and dental needs assessed. Our implant dentist at Hilton Dental Clinic is well experienced in overseeing successful implant treatment plans, so give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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