Why dental implants make the natural tooth replacement option

July 14, 2022


When natural teeth are lost, the first thing most patients are concerned about is the look of their smiles. Masticatory function becomes a concern when the patient begins to experience challenges in biting and chewing. And then dental health becomes a concern when the gap in the dental arch begins to affect neighbouring teeth and jawbone density.It seems that a single tooth can have more major far-reaching consequences for the patient than at first thought possible.The simple reason why dental implants Nottingham have retained the favour of patients and dentists is that they are specifically designed to replicate the form and function of natural teeth. It is because they look just like natural teeth that it is pretty hard to tell them apart from real teeth. And it is because dental implants Nottingham function in the same manner as natural teeth that they can offer dental and physical health the life-changing benefits that they do.At Hilton Dental Clinic, we regard lost natural teeth as a major dental concern and encourage patients to seek consultation for an appropriate dental solution. In this article, we take a look at some of the advantages of choosing dental implants Nottingham to help patients avoid the many challenges that usually follow the loss of natural teeth.Top reasons to choose Nottingham dental implantsWith dental implants being securely anchored to the jawbone, there is no chance of them slipping about in the mouth. The insertion of the root-like metal rod into the jawbone provides solid and stable bite capability with about 70% bite power of natural teeth. This means patients can enjoy a wide range of foods and not be restricted to only soft foods. A wider range of foods offers patients more nutrient-dense options to enhance body health and function.Another benefit is that patients do not need to avoid social engagements for fear of their dental prostheses falling out. They can enjoy their outings and maintain family and social relationships.Patients opting for dental implants will find that they are more willing to smile infectious wide smiles. This is made possible by implants not only looking just like real teeth but also being firmly implanted in the jawbone, so there is no danger of them falling out.Tooth replacement implants help patients retain their youthful looks. When teeth fall out and the gaps are not filled in with dental implants in Nottingham, this triggers an undesirable process in the mouth – jaw bone reabsorption. For jawbone quality to remain healthy, the bone has to be constantly stimulated.This role is usually offered by the roots of teeth. When the jaw bone no longer receives this stimulation as the roots are lost, bone reabsorption begins to take place, resulting in the face adopting an aged shrunken look. Even though implants are artificial tooth roots, they are still able to provide stimulation to the jaw bone just like natural roots.Tired of seeing your gapped smile? Want to eat and smile again with confidence? Find out how you can benefit from dental implants in Nottingham by giving us a call at Hilton Dental Clinic to arrange a consultation.

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