What types of dental implants do we offer?

December 23, 2021


When you are looking to replace your missing teeth, you may not be sure which way to turn. There are a few different options that we provide at our practice for dental implants Nottingham, so you are sure to find the right one for you.

What is an implant?

The implants we use will be made up of two parts, the crown and the screw. These two pieces combined create a very effective replacement for your natural teeth. The first part is the implant screw, which is the bit that we insert into the bone. This is always used as a foundation no matter which type of implant you choose to have with us. The second part is the crown, which is a tooth-shaped piece of porcelain that we attach to the implant screw with a connector. If you decide to have more than one tooth replaced, we may use a bridge or dentures supported by implants, which we will explain below.

Single tooth replacement

The first dental implants Nottingham option that we provide is for our patients who are looking to replace a single tooth. This treatment uses the simplest form of implant, but is still extremely effective in helping to replace a missing tooth.

When we provide you with a single tooth implant, we will start off as we would with any of our implant options, and that is by inserting the implant screw into your bone. We will do this by opening up the gums to expose the bone, inserting the implant screw, closing it back up, and leaving it for a few months. It is important that we leave the implant screw in your bone for a while so that they can fuse together. If you have enough bone left in the area, we might not need to wait a few months for it to fuse to the implant screw, but it all depends on your personal needs.

Once your bone has fully fused to the implant screw, which can take a few months, we will invite you back to our practice so that we can attach your crown. We will already have a custom-made crown created for you ready for this appointment. We then simply attach the crown to the implant screw, and you're all done!

Multiple tooth replacement

If you have slightly more severe tooth loss, our second dental implants Nottingham option could really help you. We are able to replace up to 4 teeth with the use of a single implant. We do this by using an implant-supported bridge. Simply put, a bridge is made out of multiple crowns attached to each other to create the look of 4 teeth.

When you come to our practice for this treatment, we will start by using the same process as we would with a single tooth replacement, which is inserting the implant screw and leaving it to heal (if needed). Once this is done, all we need to do is attach the bridge and you're ready to go.

Full mouth replacement

For the most severe cases of tooth loss, we offer our patients a full mouth replacement. It is done by us using implant-supported dentures. This is great as you get all the visual benefits of dentures, but the stability of implants. The treatment we use is known as all-on-4, as it can give you a whole new row of teeth with just 4 strategically placed implants. All-on-4 can make a whole world of difference if you are struggling with severe tooth loss, and we are very proud to offer it to our patients.

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