what are the life-changing benefits of dental implants?

July 21, 2022


One organ in the body that goes largely unappreciated until an emergency occurs is the teeth. Maybe it is because the dental arch houses so many teeth that losing one or two may not make a difference, but this is far from the case in reality.Every tooth has its own natural role to play in proper masticatory function, speech and the display of a brilliant wide smile. It is through these all-important functions that a full set of teeth is best able to protect physical, mental and psychosocial health.Being aware of just how important a full dental arch is, our dentists at Hilton Dental Clinic encourage patients with missing natural teeth to consider replacements. Our all-inclusive service menu offers patients several missing teeth replacement options, including high-quality dental implants Nottingham.Since its first availability on the market, dental implants Nottingham have proved to be a forward-thinking dental solution, so much so that it has quickly become the go-to option for patients and dental practitioners. Dental implants Nottingham are the closest dental instrument to resemble natural teeth in form and function.We delve deeper into what makes dental implants the number one choice.Why are dental implants the first choice for replacing missing teeth?Patient quality of life deteriorates when natural teeth are lost. Patients will find that they may not be able to eat as they once did with a full set of teeth, their speech is affected or they have lost their confidence to smile.Proper nutrition supports bodily function, so a lack of nutrients will adversely affect the health and strength of the body, and smile challenges will lower confidence, affecting the patient’s ability to engage socially or professionally with others.By choosing Nottingham dental implants to fill in the vacant gaps in the dental arch, patients can avoid masticatory problems and speech impediments and protect their levels of self-confidence.The process of inserting the dental implant into the jawbone provides a solid anchor for the implant, meaning that it is unlikely that the implant will fall out of the mouth during mealtimes. Some patients have found that with time, certain types of dental prostheses lose their shape and become ill-fitting, resulting in them falling out at often inconvenient or awkward times.Since implants do not lose shape, they are well-supported to provide a relatively longer shelf-life – they do not need replacing as quickly. If properly looked after, implants can offer a life-long service.Due to their close resemblance to natural teeth, dental implants are practically indistinguishable from natural teeth by untrained eyes. This means that patients can confidently smile wide and proud without anyone guessing they have had implants installed.Improved dental function is not often immediately associated with dental implants, but this is one reason why we celebrate this remarkable treatment. One beneficiary of implants is the jawbone. The metal screws embedded in the jawbone can offer the stimulation natural teeth roots provide to keep the jawbone healthy and strong. The integrity of the dental arch is also protected as teeth adjacent to the missing tooth can otherwise move out of their positions to fill in the gap left open, creating unwanted orthodontic problems.To find out more about how dental implants in Nottingham can help improve your oral situation, please set up a consultation with our experienced implant dentists at Hilton Dental Clinic.

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