Uncovering answers to the common questions on dental implants

June 23, 2022


Our team at Hilton Dental Clinic, has been educating patients on the ins and outs of dental implants Nottingham for a number of years and has successfully performed many implant procedures.Some of the more common questions asked about dental implants Nottingham are answered below.How do I know they are suitable for me?There are a variety of factors which are taken into consideration when looking into teeth restoration treatments and procedures. When it comes to dental implants Nottingham, the standard of oral health, general health and sufficient bone depth within the jaw are all taken into consideration. These factors, alongside ensuring you are over 18, all play a part in whether or not the implants will be successful for you and therefore it is during the consultation process that all this is uncovered.The consultation appointment with us includes discussions on the process, X-rays, digital scans and a physical examination of the area. All of this helps to educate you on the process whilst ensuring it is the best fit.Are oral implants painful to have?Whenever we talk about dental procedures, fears of pain often flag up in our minds. It may be that a movie has triggered this feeling or it may be that horror stories have been heard or read about. No matter what has triggered the fear, rest assured that our dental implants Nottingham are not fitted before a numbing agent has been applied. That is right, the gums and jaw will be completely numb and should you suffer from nerves, in severe cases, sedation may be offered by us.How often do they need to be changed?Whilst some treatments and procedures are considered to be short-term solutions, the implants are not. When cared for properly, alongside the rest of your natural teeth, the implant can last up to and in fact over 15 years. Keeping them on top form requires the same high standard of oral hygiene as do your natural teeth, along with regular dental check-ups but that is all. No monthly change overs, or need for surgery every year. A longer-lasting solution for your smile.How affordable are they?As with all aspects of life, implants are not free and therefore some patients may shy away from the idea due to the cost. Whilst they are not currently covered by the NHS, should you need help spreading the costs, it may be that we have a finance plan available for you at our practice.The figure on paper may appear high, but in truth, the benefits to your physical smile, your emotional wellbeing and the health of your other teeth, mouth and gums is significant. By having implants inserted you are preventing bone degeneration, further tooth loss and possible self-image problems. Therefore, it is always worth opening up the discussion with our team to create some options to suit you.How do I get started?If you have lost a tooth, whether it is a recent or a past occurrence, get in touch with us at our clinic and we can get you booked in for a consultation with our team. This will then open up the possibilities to you and together with our dental team you can begin to restore your smile.

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