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March 24, 2022


Have you ever in a moment of reminiscence thought about your smile? Perhaps you used to have a scintillating laugh now long lost? You don't have to reduce it solely to memory, we can help you at Hilton Dental Clinic with dental implants Nottingham!How do oral implants work?The core of dental implants Nottingham technology is the association that is made between titanium and living bone tissue. It was first noted in the 1950s with the development of titanium surgical pins. It took quite some time to find its way into local dental clinics, with new procedures having to be developed and associated anaesthetic techniques being updated.Individual teethThe multi-component oral implant works by allowing an osseointegration period, where the titanium lower half can fully fuse into the jawbone before it has to deal with the active stress of eating and talking. Only once we feel it is firmly and permanently in place, is it then loaded with the upper half of the implant, the oral prosthetic.Immobilising bridges and denturesWhen implants are used in sets, they usually hold a larger prosthetic; this could either be a 3 or greater tooth bridge, mounted on a pair of implants or an entire dental arch mounted on 4 to 8.We endeavour to use as few parts as possible, streamlining the treatment. Exactly how many you may need would not be known until going through a consultation and screening with us.With the additional support of the other implants and the adjoining prosthetic, there is less chance of twisting and implant failure. Permitting immediate loading and the same day teeth options for patients is dependent on your oral health and general fitness.Many of our patients who have a long history of wearing a partial denture may opt to have it immobilised with implants. It is surprising how a prosthetic which people have become accustomed to can become far more comfortable once it is immobilised, eliminating gum rubbing as well as making it feel far more integrated and part of them.Pre-treatment and screeningPre-treatment can make a massive difference to the success or failure of dental implants. Even the best procedures do not have a 100% success rate. This can be approached with an extremely skillful staff which we are lucky enough to have, as well as accurate and well-planned procedures. Our in-clinic CBCT scanner allows us to create extremely detailed three-dimensional pictures of the inside of our patients’ mouths! This technology is like a mix between an X-ray machine and a CAT scanner, using a cone of X-ray light and various diffraction patterns and reflections to create the detailed images of every fibre, sinew and bone before we carry out a procedure. It has been a wonderful investment for our clinic and has made treatment far easier and more reliable for our patients.We provide our consultations for dental implants Nottingham free of charge, allowing those who are curious to see if they would be suitable for treatment to explore it without obligation or penalty. It may be the best free consultation you will ever have, so call us today!

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