The causes of tooth loss

July 20, 2021


Plaque and tartar are the main causes of most dental issues. Despite good brushing techniques and a regular dental hygiene routine plaque and tartar can build up in those hard to reach areas and result in cavities in your teeth which if left untreated can lead to tooth decay and eventually result in tooth loss. Unfortunately, tooth loss is a natural part of old age however most of the time it can be avoided by good dental hygiene and visiting your dentist on a regular basis. Although poor oral hygiene is the main cause of tooth loss sometimes it can occur as a result of an accident or trauma to the mouth and whatever the cause may be it is important to consult your dentist immediately to prevent further issues with the surrounding teeth and also to relieve you of any discomfort or other problems which you may experience as a result of tooth loss.

Dental implants for tooth loss

There are many different treatments and procedures used for tooth loss and advances in dental technology have made treatment options more comfortable, convenient and accessible for all. Dental implants in Nottingham are a popular method of tooth replacement therapy, with many different advantages, so speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic to find out why they may be the best option for you. We understand that tooth loss as an adult is an embarrassing and uncomfortable situation to find yourself in however we have been dealing with this since day one so speak to our team without delay, because when a tooth falls out the longer that it remains untreated the greater the chance of weakening the surrounding teeth and even bone decay and this will lead to further issues and more tooth loss. Speak to us and find out how dental implants in Nottingham can help manage your tooth loss.

How do dental implants work?

When you book an appointment with us for dental implants in Nottingham we will firstly carry out a full examination of your mouth to make sure the remaining teeth are not under any risk of falling out. Once this has been dealt with and the dentist has decided that dental implants are the best option for you, we can carry out a professional clean of your teeth and then the dental implant which is a titanium component is placed into the bone socket of the tooth that has fallen out. It remains there and after a period of 12 to 15 weeks a natural process known as osseointegration causes the cells of your bone, which are called osteoblasts, to form around the implant and then the implant becomes fused to your jawbone. This means it becomes a permanent fixture of your mouth. This is why dental implants are such a popular option for tooth replacement because of the fusion with your bone it is able to provide strength, stability and works as a sturdy root replacement for the prosthetic that you choose to have to replace your tooth. Whether you opt for a crown or if you need dentures these can then be securely attached to the implant to look like your natural teeth. Speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic about dental implants in Nottingham without delay and smile happily and confidently again very soon.

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