Replacement teeth that feel natural, with dental implants Nottingham

August 10, 2022


Losing a tooth can be a very unpleasant experience for someone to go through, you will know this if you have ever gone through the sudden loss of a tooth. If you have a tooth or several teeth missing you will know that it is often a traumatic and painful experience that no one would care to encounter, as we all wish to maintain our teeth for as long as we possibly can.There is a common belief about tooth loss, many people believe the biggest cause is poor oral health and hygiene. This simply is not the case, as more people lose teeth due to being involved in an accident, such as those that take place on the road or playing field.Once you have lost a tooth or several teeth you may start to investigate the ways that are available in the United Kingdom that may help you to replace them, this in turn will enable you to find details about oral devices such as bridges and dentures. While these devices offer a solution to tooth loss you may feel they are not totally suitable, as you may be looking for a more enduring resolution to your tooth loss.At Hilton Dental Clinic we can offer our patients a fixed-in-place solution to their tooth loss that will feel natural using dental implants Nottingham.Treating tooth lossDental implants Nottingham can be used to treat most cases of tooth loss, from replacing a single lost tooth to treating the loss of several teeth, to treating cases of extreme loss. Most patients who have undergone this treatment report how happy they are with the results, as they find it gives them a durable solution that basically gives them new teeth. If you look after your new tooth or teeth correctly they will last you the rest of your life. All you need to do is brush your teeth twice a day and attend the dentist regularly, as recommended by dental professionals.To begin your treatment we will first insert a titanium screw into your jawbone with the top of the screw positioned just above the gum line, this will help to create a strong and steady base for your new replacement tooth to be attached to.A ceramic crown will be used to create your new tooth, this will ensure that your new tooth is extremely strong and hard-wearing, giving it the ability to cope with the rigours and hazards of daily life that our teeth are exposed to. Your new tooth will be coloured and shaped in a way that will allow it to blend in with any remaining teeth surrounding it.Even though we have described the replacement process in terms that relate to replacing a single tooth this is a treatment that is suitable for the replacement of multiple teeth, just keep in mind the treatment process may be slightly different. We will be able to best advise you about the treatment process involved in your case through a consultation appointment with you.No need to live with missing teethWe feel there is no need for you to live with teeth missing from your mouth when you can have them replaced with dental implants Nottingham. Full function of your mouth will be reinstated and the aesthetic appeal of a full set of teeth is undeniable.

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