Recovering from tooth loss with dental implants Nottingham

May 11, 2021


The impact of tooth loss

Whether facing the loss of a single tooth or multiple teeth, the impact both physically and mentally can be devastating. Whilst some individuals are not overly concerned about their appearance, others can feel greatly impacted by the loss and shy away from day-to-day events due to their appearance. Luckily with major advances within the dental world, the impact of tooth loss can be reduced dramatically and whilst everyone would like to keep their own teeth, for those who cannot, there are inconspicuous alternatives.

Whilst cosmetically the loss of a tooth can be brushed aside, the impact of losing a tooth, whether through accidental damage or due to health problems, spreads further and if left untreated can cause other physical changes to the person. For instance, the jawbone where the tooth or teeth used to be can recede and deteriorate, causing damage to the surrounding teeth. Over time further tooth loss could occur and the face could appear sunken due to the continuing bone loss.

What can be done?

Tooth loss, whilst it wants to be avoided when possible, is not the end of your smile. Dental implants Nottingham are small titanium screws which are implanted into the jawbone creating a post for a new or replenished tooth. These small screws provide a stable base for the tooth, whilst also promoting new bone growth within the jawbone. Whilst it all may sound like a difficult long-winded procedure, rest assured that it is far from it and is actually a procedure carried out by dental teams across the world on a day to day basis. In 2012 alone there were an estimated 130,000 implant procedures carried out in the UK and that number has continued to increase each year.

Why choose dental implants Nottingham?

When deciding how to recover and improve your smile it is important to look for a longer term solution rather than a quick fix. That is why so many people choose dental implants Nottingham. This particular dental solution on average lasts around 10 years and becomes a stable fixture within the mouth. Whilst considered by many to be the ‘gold standard’ of tooth replacements, it continues to provide an excellent base for replenished or restored teeth without causing discomfort or possible fall out problems. After all, when talking, chewing and living your general day-to-day life, the last thing you want to be concerned with is whether or not your teeth will come loose and fall out! These implants provide that peace of mind and help patients have faith in their beautiful smile.

How do you know if they are suitable for your needs?

When considering your options of tooth replacement it is important to understand whether they are suited to your individual needs. It is therefore a requirement to have a consultation first with your dental team to discuss your options and how to move forward in the best way possible for you.

Please note, all dental treatments and procedures have a variety of potential risks. We therefore encourage all our patients to seek further information and advice from our dental team on any mentioned within this article.

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