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June 16, 2022


Regenerating a lost smileWhen a tooth falls out as a child, we often celebrate with ideas of tooth fairies and gifts of coins which may appear. It is a magical time as we know another tooth is intended to follow. However, as an adult, the loss of a tooth is a serious matter and can impact both our physical and emotional wellbeing. The loss of one tooth can be upsetting, and if it extends to multiple teeth being lost, well it may feel like your smile is gone forever. A little dramatic we know, but a smile is hugely important.Dental implants Nottingham, with us at Hilton Dental Clinic, will not only help to return the smile to your face, but will also help to regenerate and strengthen the surrounding teeth and jaw.A positive impactFor the individuals who are able to undergo this surgical procedure, they will find that the benefits are incredible. These small, titanium screws not only provide a secure and stable artificial root for the new tooth, but also help to stimulate new bone growth within the jaw bone. The regeneration of the surrounding bone is essential with dental implants Nottingham, as it enables the bone to fuse the implant into place. Alongside this it also helps to protect your facial definition, as over time, when left untreated, the bone can recede causing changes to the face, creating a sunken appearance. Therefore, by choosing dental implants you are not only securing a healthy smile, but also protecting your entire facial appearance.Are you compatible with the treatment?Whilst it would be lovely for every dental treatment or procedure to suit every single person, in reality this is not the case as different solutions may be more suitable depending on factors such as your overall oral health. This is why, before any decisions are made, a consultation process is carried out with our dentist. The purpose of this is not to put you off, but to highlight the process behind dental implants Nottingham, alongside alternative solutions which may be more suitable for you.It may be that the depth of the jawbone is insufficient and therefore a bone graft may be encouraged first, or it may be that once your questions are answered you decide you would prefer to follow an alternative dental solution. All of this can be uncovered during your consultation process with us which is the first step to improving your smile.The bone graftIf the consultation highlights the possibility of a bone graft, then considering your options may take some time. A bone graft can be created from a synthetic material or from bone which has been taken from another part of your body such as the hip. Both solutions are highly advantageous and both have pros and cons, which is why discussing this with our dental team is essential in order to gain a full understanding of the process. Our knowledgeable team at Hilton Dental Clinic will help you understand all the different aspects of a bone graft and will be there to support and guide you from start to finish. Taking the time to decide on how to proceed is essential, so use our dental team’s knowledge and expertise before making any important decisions.

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