Overcoming complications with difficult dental implant cases

March 15, 2022


Most medical procedures have their own prescribed pathways to follow. However, patients are individuals and a degree of personal tailoring is required. This is true with dental implants Nottingham and here, we look at some of the adaptations we use in our clinic.

Pre-implant surgeries

Patients are rarely textbook and although there are clinics that will only accept patients at their optimum for implantation, we at Hilton Dental Clinic endeavour to make treatment as inclusive as possible. Sometimes, this requires pre-implant surgeries or other interventions to increase the chances of a successful procedure.

Guided bone regeneration

Any intervention should be as non-invasive as possible. In the event that bone density is insufficient to support standard dental implants Nottingham, the first port of call would be to look at current prescriptions and dietary limitations and lifestyle.

Guided bone regeneration gives the possibility of increasing bone density without a full bone graft and artificial membranes impregnated with small fragments of bone particles are used as a substructure to encourage new bone development.

Bone grafting

When a tooth has been missing for an extended period of time, it is perfectly normal for the jaw immediately beneath the tooth to experience decalcification, reduction in density and volume. This can make implanting challenging, a bone graft allowing a healthy section of bone to be removed from elsewhere in the jaw and affixed to the critical location in time to be integrated into the jaw can provide the necessary volume of bone to support the titanium insert.

Sinus lifts

One way of increasing available bone volume of the upper jaw is to carry out a sinus lift, during which the roof of the mouth is increased, exposing more of the upper jaw bone making it available for implantation. This can be combined with other bone grafting or inducing bone growth if required.

Gum grafting

Gums are important in the maintenance and upkeep of a healthy natural tooth, with teeth becoming unstable and falling out if gum recession is severe. This is less of a factor when it comes to immobilising oral prosthetics, but an exposed titanium section will reveal the implant as unnatural and grafting can be used to maintain the aesthetics of a prosthetics even with the severely receded gums.

What's right for me?

The bottom line is when people ask: What is right for me? And how can I get the most out of my upcoming treatment? The truth is that a short article won't be enough for more in-depth information and medical advice that is relevant to you is needed to answer these questions. You should come in and speak to our dentist after X-rays and diagnostics have been carried out. There are simply too many factors for you to navigate without professional guidance and care.

If you would like more information or have any further questions about dental implants Nottingham particularly for patients who have been rejected at other clinics, please feel free to contact our surgery, you can do this online or by phone. If we are out of operating hours we will endeavour to get back to you if you leave your query with a contact number.

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