Multiple versus single dental implants

March 22, 2022


Implants have become a more mainstream part of our dentistry over the last decade, but there is quite a difference between a single and a set of dental implants Nottingham, with them often adding up to more than the sum of their parts!

Single implants

Single implants are a more common implementation of implanting as a technology at our practice. Since it first gained its foothold in local clinics back in the 80s, implanting has become more common, but as the clinics of the trail blazers have been implementing implants using more up-to-date technology, this treatment has become available across the UK. And at Hilton Dental Clinic we've carried out our fair share of dental implants Nottingham.

Single implants are carried out over two sessions. There is a 4 to 12 months period between the sessions for healing and new bone growth to ensure the implant is secured.

The implants we use traditionally come in two parts; one part is a titanium artificial root that is placed in the gum tissue extending down into the jaw and then integrated with the jawbone. Above it is an oral prosthetic similar to a crown. Holding the two together is a linking mechanism referred to as the connector, during everyday use the connector locks the two pieces together, but it can be unlocked by our dentist to allow the oral prostatic to be changed, in the event that it is damaged or has been worn out.

After pretreatment where CT scans are taken and discussions are heard on any other medical conditions or prescriptions that may interact with the procedure, the first session can begin. The gum is opened by our dentist and the jawbone is prepared to receive the titanium component, either using a vacant socket or by having a new socket drilled. Once the dental implants Nottingham are in place, the gum can be closed over and either glued or stitched depending on which is more appropriate and the location in the mouth.

After the healing period, when new bone is placed around the implant, the gum can be reopened and the prosthetic fitted ready to use immediately with no risk of dislodging or misalignment. When your implant is fitted, immediately afterwards, this can occur and our dentist will advise you should avoid placing weight onto it to avoid this.

Sets of implants

Sets of implants are most commonly used to hold a single prosthetic in place; this could be two implants being used at either end of a short bridge. Or a set could be placed around the arch of the mouth to fix a whole denture in place.

Rather than with single implants, the prosthetic tends to be much wider and have contact with a reasonable surface of the gum tissue and not prone to misalignment or rotation. This allows the option for immediate loading where the implants are connected directly to the prosthetic from day one. Although caution has to be taken as the prosthetic could be knocked loose by a significant trauma, it is more than capable of handling everyday use whilst it integrates. This is sometimes referred to as same-day implants and although not appropriate for all our patients, it can be an excellent restoration option for some.

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