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October 19, 2022


When an adult tooth is lost, it is a natural process for your jawbone to suffer resorption and degeneration. This occurs because there is nothing to fill the space left by the lost tooth and therefore there is nothing to support the face. The visual evidence of this is when that section of the face starts to appear gaunt and sunken. Hilton Dental Clinic not only provides Dental implants Nottingham by providing a replacement tooth but support preventing the face was becoming gaunt.The importance of retaining teethTeeth are one of our most amazing sensory organs and those who have suffered toothache will know just how sensitive teeth can be. If from a young age the need to observe proper dental hygiene is instilled then the chances of losing a tooth from tooth decay are dramatically reduced. For decades this dental practice has encouraged parents to bring their children in as young as possible to allow them to become familiar with us and relaxed in the dental surgery. This has resulted in multiple generations of patients from the same family becoming patients. Educating children and adults alike on the correct technique that suits their teeth and gums is a very important part of our preventive dentistry program.Years of experienceThere is no substitute for experience and this dental practice has over fifteen years of dental implants Nottingham experience. Over the decades, the equipment and techniques have evolved to improve the procedure and make it more comfortable for patients. The use of computers has helped to make the operation more efficient, accurate and quicker. The use of digitised X-ray machines and scanners, which can produce 3D pictures of a patient's oral cavity have all been instrumental in making the dental implants Nottingham procedure less stressful. A modern well equipped dental surgery like ours is designed to provide a calming environment.Just like a normal toothWhether it is from tooth decay or an accident losing a tooth is a traumatic enough event. Knowing that there is a solution that provides a more realistic and stable replacement than a bridge or dentures is a comfort. Dental implantology has evolved over the decades since its invention over seven decades ago. The idea was always to try and replicate as closely as possible natural human teeth. The materials used are designed to be compatible with the human body and for that reason titanium is used as a substitute for a natural tooth’s root. Titanium is the material of choice because bone naturally fuses with it providing that essential stable base, just like a natural tooth root, it is referred to as a titanium post. Once this artificial root has fused with the jawbone and is stable, an abutment is placed onto the titanium post. This is designed to provide an additional platform for the crown to fit onto. The crown is fashioned in such a way that it accurately resembles the existing teeth in both shape and colour. This is the completion of the procedure and it is recommended to allow ten to fourteen days after the crown has been placed before chewing anything other than soft foods. This is to allow the new “tooth” to settle.Back to normalAfter a period of settlement, it is possible to return to normal eating and drinking and dental maintenance like brushing and flossing.

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