Immobilising dentures with dental implants Nottingham

May 17, 2022


Common methods of replacing lost teeth are very beneficial, but they certainly have their drawbacks, including rubbing and soreness. This is as well as the impact on pronunciation and feeling awkward in the mouth. This can really be off-putting to patients. But dentures can be permanently immobilised by fitting our dental implants Nottingham. Let's find out more!Why are so many dentures loose?A common complaint amongst denture users is that the dentures have become loose. This is really due to fitting issues, as most dentists will try their utmost to model a gum structure as accurately as possible, knowing that a good tight fit on the gum eliminates movement and therefore rubbing. This equates to a far more comfortable denture use. Unfortunately, without the everyday load that is placed on the jawbone via the teeth, this underlying structure begins to atrophy and wither. It starts with decalcification, where valuable minerals which are no longer required are extracted from the jawbone and recycled. The bone itself begins to lose mass, it becomes shorter and narrower. With less bone supporting the gum above, the gum shrinks in multiple directions and a previously snug fitting denture becomes loose and sore. However, at Hilton Dental Clinic we have the answer, dental implants.How implant immobilisation worksDental implants Nottingham are metal pegs which are inserted into the jawbone under the gum line. They are often used to anchor single crown-like oral prosthetics, replacing single teeth. But when used in combination with a denture, a set of implants can immobilise it, allowing for a better overall fit.Immobilising a denture has two great advantages. The first is that anchoring a denture permanently in place stops it from rubbing and immediately puts an end to the friction source which can make denture use so frustrating. The second long-term advantage is that the artificial titanium roots that extend from the denture into the jawbone will deliver small quantities of force into the jaw and drive down the atrophying process. Helping you to maintain your jawbone.How many implants will I need and how long will it take?Oral implants are not a trivial investment and it's perfectly reasonable for patients to want to get the most for their money. Therefore, we use the fewest number of implants possible. There are surgeries that can safely immobilise dentures on 4 implants, but 5 or 6 is more common. How many will be required is heavily dictated by your personal condition and an estimate can only be made after a full examination by us.How would I clean my denture once it’s immobilised?If you have become used to normal removable dentures, you're going to have to get used to no longer being able to wash your dentures overnight. But for most of our patients, being able to continue with normal brushing and standard biannual check-ups provides one of the biggest bonuses of getting dental implants Nottingham. It brings back the normal routine that they had with natural teeth, making the transition far easier.By having a denture permanently fixed to the jaw, the way you eat with it no longer has to lack confidence. Allowing you to approach eating hard food or toffees head-on. Speech patterns are often adopted with loose dentures that can creep up slowly. With an immobilised denture laughing heartily is possible without hesitation!

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