How do dental implants improve quality of life?

October 14, 2021


At Hilton Dental Clinic we have identified that most of our patients, who have lost natural teeth, find that the one issue they face is trying to retain the quality of life they enjoyed with their full set of natural teeth. With missing teeth, patients can face numerous challenges that can reduce the quality of life they live.

They can experience difficulties in eating, speaking and smiling, and find out soon that there are more dental health issues to worry about and pay for. After some time, gaps in teeth cause other undesirable situations in the mouth, like crooked teeth being caused by neighbouring teeth moving out of position or tooth decay when an invasion of bad bacteria attacks gum health and the roots of nearby teeth.

All these problems can best be prevented by patients seeking a suitable missing tooth replacement device as soon as their natural teeth are lost. The ideal dental prostheses recommended by many dentists (as long as patients meet the candidate criteria) are dental implants Nottingham.

The marvellous thing about dental implants Nottingham is that these dental devices provide the support that speaks to all the difficulties patients experience when they lose natural teeth. Dental implants Nottingham help improve eating capabilities, make speech clearer and beautify the appearance of a smile. We take a look at how this simple dental prosthesis can achieve so much.

Advantages of choosing tooth replacement implants

The design of a dental implant illustrates the first advantage. The composition of this dental prosthetic is fairly simple, an abutment (screw-like metal rod substituting as a tooth root) is surgically inserted into the jawbone.

Once a natural fusion process takes place (termed osseointegration) the patient is ready to receive a dental crown that is installed on top of the abutment and which sits above the gum line, providing the biting and chewing functionalities, as well as dental aesthetic value.

Tooth implants provide stability. Thanks to the success of their design (being placed into the jawbone), tooth implants can provide incomparable stability and longevity, which is also why patients regain their confidence that was lost when gaps appeared in their smiles. The anchoring of the abutment to the jawbone greatly minimises the chance of the implant moving about in the mouth. Patients have no fear of embarrassment eating their favourite foods or speaking in public.

Tooth implants preserve oral health and function. Once again, the design of tooth implants achieves another desirable outcome: supporting the integrity of mouth structures. When teeth are lost, there are immediate concerns around jawbone and gum health. Both these structures depend on teeth to remain healthy and in place.

Missing teeth create ideal environments for bad bacteria to accumulate and thrive, giving rise to gum disease. Missing teeth roots reduce the stimulation the jawbone receives from them with the result that, over time, jawbone density is reduced.

The natural-looking appearance of the tooth implant together with its efficacy make these devices ideal missing teeth replacement options. Need to find a smile-saving solution for yourself? Reach out to our front desk team at Hilton Dental Clinic, set up a consultation and we will be happy to explore your options.

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