How dental implants can help put that smile back on your face

August 12, 2021


Dental implants Nottingham are a popular and effective form of cosmetic dentistry which is used in the treatment of tooth loss and has been widely established over the last few decades. Good oral hygiene maintained throughout your life, alongside regular visits to our dentist here at Hilton Dental Clinic, are important in preventing tooth loss. Sometimes your home dental hygiene routine may not be sufficient in keeping your teeth clean. By visiting our dentist regularly not only will they be able to clean those hard-to-reach areas efficiently, but they will also examine your teeth and gums for any sign of disease, so that they can treat and prevent any problem from developing before it can fully present itself. If you are a victim of tooth loss, whether as a result of oral hygiene or an unforeseen circumstance, then you need to speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic as soon as possible. We can help relieve you of the discomfort or embarrassment that you may feel as a result of losing your teeth, but also we can help prevent further damage to your surrounding teeth which may be perfectly healthy.

What are dental implants and how do they work??

Dental implants Nottingham are small titanium components which are inserted into the bone socket of your missing tooth and work as a replacement root for the tooth which has fallen out. There are different types of implants and they come in differing sizes according to your requirements. Endosteal implants are the most common form of dental implants Nottingham and by speaking to our dentist here at Hilton Dental Clinic you will be able to find out more about what the most suitable option is for you. The insertion of the implant is a surgical procedure as it requires drilling a small hole in the bone where the implant is to be inserted and this requires sufficient healthy bone for the dentist to be able to go ahead. It is important to contact our dentist as soon as possible following the loss of your teeth, as tooth loss can often result in bone decay which will hinder your chances of successful treatment using dental implants Nottingham.

Once the dental implant is inserted into the hole in your jaw, the titanium of the implant, which matches closely to the cells of your jawbone, initiates a process called osseointegration. This causes the formation of new bone cells around the implant allowing it to be embedded firmly into the bone making it a permanent fixture of your jaw. This process can take several weeks to occur successfully, during which time you can visit our dentist to make sure that the process is coming along well. Once they decide that the implant has become successfully integrated into place, then they will attach an abutment to the implant which acts as a connector so that a prosthetic can be fitted to the implant. You may choose to have a crown if you are missing a single tooth, whilst you may choose to have implant retained dentures if you are missing multiple teeth. Speak to us here at Hilton Dental Clinic and find out more about dental implants today.

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