Have you been rejected for dental implants at other clinics?

May 10, 2022


We invest heavily in our dental implants Nottingham, both in terms of skills and equipment in order to handle challenging cases. If you've previously been turned down at other surgeries, read on to find out how we could make your treatment a reality.Assessments and surgical planningHave you ever heard the old saying: failure to plan is planning to fail? This is true across much of dentistry, but particularly in the event of challenging cases. Patients may have often been to other surgeries where the dentists have considered many of the same options as we and come to unfavourable conclusions. This makes our planning of the treatment phase particularly important.We use a mixture of 3D scanning and cone-beam CT X-rays to produce a set of models of both the outer surface and deep inner workings of your jaw and teeth. From these, we plan and predict the outcome of dental implants Nottingham, choosing exactly the right locations in any highest density bone.If necessary, we can take computer-based surgery further by designing a set of implant checks. Thereby ensuring that drilling sites and incisions are carried out at the correct angles and depths to complete complicated procedures, with pinpoint accuracy.This creates a second dilemma; if you have been rejected previously by other surgeries, why go through the process of being assessed again? We provide our assessments completely free of charge and without any obligation, allowing you to truly explore if we can help you before having to make any financial commitment.Compensating long-term medical conditions and prescription side effectsMultiple medical conditions can cause challenges, affecting your overall rate of bone growth or clotting, making implants very difficult and restricting them to inpatient care at a hospital. However, even though there is a wide range of medical conditions that many clinics consider inappropriate, mitigation steps can be taken by our team to compensate for this.A reduction in bone growth is a side effect of many medications. It is often tolerated because in everyday life, retarded bone growth is unlikely to affect an uninjured adult. Finding alternatives for a prescribed medication that has less impact on bone development can mean the difference between a successful and unsuccessful implant procedure. By going that extra step and deeply exploring a patient's medical history, we significantly improve the success rates of dental implants Nottingham in challenging cases.Our clinical expertiseWe've not only invested in significant technology and equipment, but we have built a skilled staff containing members awarded advanced certificates for implant surgery. Many have attended further two-year training programmes in oral dentistry at the Royal College of Surgeons, giving a breadth of skills beyond a normal high street clinic.Our surgery is currently accepting new patients, so if you are curious about how our surgical skills and well-equipped practice could help you achieve a dental restoration you thought previously impossible, please get in contact with us. We will be happy to answer any additional queries you have either by email or over the phone. If you could book an assessment before turning up at the clinic that would be appreciated, as we're attempting to minimise unnecessary travel.

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