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October 14, 2022


It is probably one of the worst things that can happen to a patient. Losing a tooth, especially a front tooth. Losing a front tooth or a back tooth are both a tragedy but because a front tooth is so visible it is more traumatic. Dentistry has proved solutions such as a bridge or dentures which have evolved over the decades. Bridges still require the support of another tooth or teeth and those teeth will require grinding to get them into the right shape to support the bridge. There was never a solution that provided the same stability as natural teeth. But in the 1950’s an alternative was invented and it revolutionised tooth replacement. As a modern dentist with over fifty years of delivering dental service, embracing dental implants West Bridgford was a natural evolution. Our patients have benefited from our knowledge and expertise in all things dental and dental implants Dentist West Bridgford has seen many patients' eating and smiling ability restored.Increasing number of qualifying patientsDental implants West Bridgford is not available to all patients as there are certain criteria which need to be met. The research and development that has been conducted, over recent years, in this area has been astounding. The equipment and techniques have evolved so rapidly that more and more patients are now able to have a lost tooth replaced by a dental implant. There was a time when the procedure could only be performed on patients who had very specifically defined jawbone structures.Hardware and software provide accuracy and efficiencyA proper treatment plan needs to be designed to ensure that the procedure is done as efficiently as possible. Guided implant surgery using the latest hardware and software allows the dentist to identify if there is any need for soft tissue augmentation. Using four dimension technology it is possible to more accurately place a dental implant.Implant procedureOnce all the computer technology has done its part, the actual procedure can take place. No two patients are the same and that is why the personal computer treatment plan is so vital to ensuring the success of the procedure. A small incision is made in the place identified by the software as the precise location for the dental implant. A small hole is drilled into the jawbone. To create the root a small post made of titanium is screwed into the jawbone. A period of healing is required to also allow the titanium post to fuse with the jawbone creating a solid and stable base. During the next appointment a small abutment is placed onto the titanium post to provide extra stability for the prosthetic crown. A crown is created matching the shape and colour of the patient's existing teeth, this will ensure that the new crown is undetectable. This crown is then fixed to the abutment.No more gapsThe patient is now able to smile without embarrassment if the missing tooth was a front tooth or if it was a back tooth they will now be able to chew their food properly again. After a few weeks it will be possible to brush and floss as normal and regular maintenance will ensure that both natural and the implanted tooth last a lifetime. If more than one tooth has been lost it is possible to replace four teeth in a row. If an entire mouthful of teeth needs to be replaced, this can be done by placing only four dental implants which will support all the prosthetic teeth.

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