Filling in the gaps and putting yourself first with dental implants Nottingham

November 11, 2021


Removing the frown and replenishing your smile

As a child, when a milk tooth falls out, a little celebration begins and the tooth fairy may come along to make an exchange! It is an exciting experience that we all go through, but when it comes to losing an adult tooth, the seriousness of the matter can often impact us in a variety of ways, many of which do not warrant a celebration. Whilst losing an adult tooth or in fact, multiple teeth, is not pleasant, it is not the end of your dashing smile as there is treatment with dental implants Nottingham to help strengthen your smile.

How implants positively impact you

For those who are suitable candidates for dental implants Nottingham, the benefits of these small titanium screws are considerable. Not only do these sturdy posts provide a stable base for the tooth, but they also help regenerate the surrounding jaw bone. This regeneration process is highly essential as it continues to strengthen the positioning of the implant whilst also helping to prevent a sunken appearance to the face. This simple but highly effective screw acts as the root of your tooth, providing a healthy and stable base. No reason to fear the photos as your smile will be complete!

Discovering your compatibility

As with any dental treatment or procedure, it is always necessary to undergo a consultation process with our dental team. The purpose of this is not to dissuade you from the treatments but rather to ensure you receive the best possible solution for your case. It is during this appointment that any potential complications that may impact the process are highlighted in advance and dealt with accordingly. It may be that a bone graft needs to be put in place beforehand to create better depth to the jaw bone. Or, maybe certain oral hygiene processes need to be improved before proceeding with the treatment. No matter what it is, during your consultation, all will be uncovered and solutions will be provided by our dental team.

The bone graft possibilities

If during your consultation we feel that a bone graft would be necessary, then you will have to take some time to consider your options. A bone graft can be taken from another part of your body, such as the hip, or there is the possibility of a synthetic graft. Either option is highly effective, and whilst there are pros and cons to both, it is always essential to discuss all the elements involved before agreeing to undergo any procedure. This is where our knowledgeable dental team will assist. Not only will we offer support before, during and after the procedure, but we will provide you with essential, up-to-date knowledge on each process, ensuring that you are always fully informed.

Feeling at ease

Putting yourself first is not just your job but also ours, which is why we work with you to provide you with tooth replacement options whether they be dental implants Nottingham or another successful tooth replacement option. Call us today to get your new smile started!

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