Dental implants, welcome to the 21st century

September 23, 2021


The first records of a dental implant using shells go back as far back as 600 AD, performed by the Mayans, so we have had plenty of time to perfect the procedure. Dental science and advances in technology have brought us to the point where we are able to perform amazing dental procedures. Dental implants Nottingham is an example of one of those procedures, allowing us to replace any teeth that you have lost.

Serving our patients for more than five decades

Hilton Dental Care has been caring for the teeth of the community for more than fifty years. Our main focus is on providing dental treatment for the whole family. We encourage you to bring your children to the dental surgery from as young as one year old. Our aim is to allow your children to become familiar with their surroundings through routine examinations. These visits also allow us to identify problems early and to provide treatment that will be beneficial in later years. Our caring, relaxed and professional approach has helped us to build lasting relationships and trust over the many years we have served the community.

General dentistry to advanced dentistry

Over the past decades we have provided our patients with the latest technologically advanced treatments available at the time. Continual study and training and investing in the latest equipment has allowed us to offer you the best current treatment. Your dental wellbeing has always been the reason for our existence and it is because of this that we constantly train when there are new dental developments. It was not really that long ago that if a patient lost a tooth the only real option was a bridge. If a patient was unfortunate to require replacement of a full set of teeth then dentures were the only go-to solution.

Opening up a whole new world

Smartphones have revolutionised the world and we even allow you free e-consultations. Dental implants Nottingham have changed the boundaries of teeth replacement. In the past one of the problems with dentures has been making them as stable as possible. We are also pleased that we have the qualifications, skill, experience and equipment to provide you with in-house implant treatment. If diagnosed for this type of treatment there is no need for you to be treated by a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings.Our very own Dr. Missan holds a qualification from the Royal College of Surgeons and also certification for his skills in block bone and maxillary sinus grafting. There is therefore no need for anyone not to be able to chew their food properly due to a lost rear tooth or being too embarrassed to smile because of a missing front tooth. The procedure is now regarded as a routine treatment for missing teeth. We can replace one of your missing teeth, a row of four supported by one implant or your entire mouth of teeth supported by four dental implants Nottingham. Implants are stable as the procedure is based on the way in which your existing teeth are embedded in your jaw by a root. This stability allows you to enjoy a healthy mouth of teeth that feel and perform in the same way as your natural teeth.

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