Dental implants Nottingham providing many happy smiles

October 21, 2022


One of the first things people see when a smile is produced is our teeth! Taking good care of them is therefore one of our most important daily routines. Preventing tooth decay by brushing and flossing twice a day must be part of that routine. Annual dental visits are a minimum requirement twice a year is preferable. This will reduce dental surgery visits for treatment that could have been avoided. Losing a tooth can sometimes be unavoidable, such as due to an accident. Dental implants Nottingham is a perfect solution to provide a natural, permanent and stable replacement which should put a happy smile on any patient’s face. See what else Hilton Dental Clinic can offer!Natural lookingDentures and bridges have been used to replace lost teeth, but they have never quite replicated our natural teeth. Dental implants Nottingham is a more natural looking replacement and are more stable than dentures and do not require incorporating supporting natural teeth like a bridge. Designing an alternative that mimics natural teeth has turned out to be the ideal way to replace a lost tooth. The crowns created today are shaped and coloured so well that they are impossible to tell apart from natural teeth.Jawbone augmentationTogether with dental implants Nottingham bone augmentation has been receiving a lot of attention and the developments in this field have been incredible. Each year of development has allowed more patients with tooth loss to enjoy the benefits of having a dental implant. Treatment involving increasing the density of the jawbone has been progressive.TechnologyTechnology has played a vital role in implantology development and helped to improve the quality of the service and the speed of delivery of the treatment. Software that enables the dentist to design an accurate and comprehensive treatment plan results in a successful and long-lasting tooth replacement. If left untreated that area of the face where the tooth has been lost will slowly start to become gaunt. The gap between the teeth can also result in the adjacent teeth starting to move to fill the space. The bone will also start to degenerate causing that sunken facial appearance. Dental science and technology have provided the necessary tools that allow the dentist to precisely place the artificial root. Modern techniques and materials have also provided the means with which to produce a crown that so accurately resembles the natural surrounding teeth in colour and shape that it is impossible to tell the real from the artificial.Patients comfortThe dental implant procedure has been honed to ensure that the patient’s comfort is preserved throughout. It is possible to replace as many as four teeth in a row with one single dental implant. To replace an entire mouthful of teeth the procedure has been perfected to such a high standard that only four dental implants are required, two at the top and two at the bottom.A natural feelingUnlike dentures there is no need to remove dental implants to allow for cleaning. Cleaning is done by brushing and flossing just like natural teeth. Just like natural teeth, routine dental maintenance and twice-yearly visits to the dental surgery will ensure the longevity of natural teeth as well as the dental implants.

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