Dental implants liberate your smile

September 16, 2021


Losing a tooth or teeth in an accident or from tooth decay, especially front teeth, may have caused you to stop smiling due to embarrassment in the past, but not any more. The rapid pace at which dental treatment, especially dental implants Nottingham, has progressed is a good reason to smile.

No excuse for having missing teeth

Hilton Dental Clinic has been providing dental health to the local community for over fifty years. We have a personal caring approach and actively promote the introduction of young children to the practice. We provide free dentistry to children up to the age of eighteen in our efforts to achieve proper oral maintenance from a young age. This campaign will allow us to ensure that your children are properly informed and trained in dental care. Regular dental visits allow us to identify any problems at an early stage to avoid complications later. Proper dental maintenance will ensure that you will not have to live with missing teeth, as we have a full range of treatments to avoid that eventuality.

What's so special about implants?

Understanding what dental implants Nottingham can do for you if you have suffered a tooth loss aesthetically, practically and psychologically will produce considerable relief. The fact that you can have a tooth, a few teeth or a full set of teeth that match your original teeth is a vast improvement on past solutions. Dentures and bridges still have their place, but dental implants Nottingham provide a more stable and practical solution wherever possible. We are able to offer this treatment at our surgery without you having to go elsewhere to be treated by a stranger in unfamiliar surroundings.

How will I understand the treatment?

We will conduct a thorough and comprehensive examination including compiling a full record of past and present medical treatments and medications. Using the latest technology we will do an X-ray and 3D scan of your mouth so that we can identify the state of your gums and jawbone. Once we have carried out an assessment we will discuss our findings and advise if implants are the correct treatment for you. You are given all the information you will need to make an informed decision. We expect you to consider the information carefully and encourage you to ask any questions.

What is the process?

When you have decided to have an implant we will confirm times and dates with you and what type of anaesthetic you would prefer. On the day of the treatment you will be ushered into our sterile treatment room and be asked to rinse your mouth with a sterile mouthwash. We will then make a small incision in your gum in the location of the missing tooth. A small hole is then drilled into your jawbone and a titanium post is screwed into the hole. This acts in the same way as your original root providing a stable platform. After healing we then attach an abutment to the post, this provides additional stability for the artificial tooth or crown. Finally the crown which will be coloured and shaped to match your surrounding teeth, is secured with the abutment.

After care

We will advise you to rinse your mouth regularly with a sterile solution and to gradually introduce brushing with a soft toothbrush and flossing. After a two week period you will be asked to return for a follow-up appointment to allow us to assess your progress. Once healed you can return to normal regular dental maintenance retaining the soft toothbrush.

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