Dental implants for missing teeth in Nottingham

February 17, 2022


Experiencing tooth loss can be an upsetting and distressing situation to find yourself in. Throughout the course of life it is quite common to lose a tooth or multiple teeth due to a number of different reasons. If you have lost a tooth then rest assured that you are not alone. Pick up the phone and book an appointment with our experienced, professional and caring team here at Hilton Dental Clinic to find out about the different forms of tooth replacement therapy which are available for you. Our dentist meets patients with missing teeth on a daily basis therefore do not let embarrassment or anxiety get in the way of addressing your missing teeth. Speak to our dentist today and book an appointment to visit us in person, so that we can carry out an assessment of your teeth and gums and address your dental needs sooner rather than later to help prevent further complications in the future. By avoiding the dentist not only will you cause a detrimental impact on your surrounding healthy teeth, but neglecting medical attention could result in further tooth loss.

Dental implants for tooth replacement

Over the last few decades dental implants Nottingham have become the most popular choice of tooth replacement therapy. Dentists across the world are specialising in dental implant surgery as it continues to grow in popularity and has now become the gold standard in replacing missing teeth. The success of dental implants Nottingham is mainly due to the fact that they provide a permanent solution for replacing your missing teeth. Once you have a dental implant, it will remain in your mouth for the rest of your life and if necessary you will be able to replace the crown, bridge or dentures that you choose to place on top of it if they become damaged at any time.

Dental implants Nottingham are suitable for all ages, but you will need to have an examination of your teeth and gums to make sure that any underlying dental issues are addressed prior to implant surgery. Our dentist also needs to make sure that you have sufficient healthy bone for the implant to be inserted into your jaw. Bone decay can be a common issue in patients with tooth loss, so again we would like to emphasise the importance of visiting the dentist sooner rather than later so that you have better chances of successful treatment.

There are some patients who may not be able to have dental implants due to underlying illnesses such as diabetes, immunological diseases, clotting disorders and other similar issues, but our dentist will take a full medical history at the initial appointment to help make this decision.

If our dentist is happy that dental implants are suitable for you then you can begin your journey to replacing your missing teeth very soon. The process itself can take several months before your teeth are permanently replaced, however, once complete you will achieve a smile that is aesthetically pleasing, fully functioning and helps promote better oral health for life. Speak to our dentist at Hilton Dental Clinic today and find out more.

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