Cone beam computed tomography (CBCT) for dental implants Nottingham

April 21, 2022


By investing in on-site cone beam computed tomography, we can provide successful treatments with dental implants Nottingham, maximising the success rates of a huge range of procedures performed at Dental Implants Nottingham. Let's look at how it works and how it has streamlined so much of our patients' care.Imaging has always played an important role in dentistry. Less than half of the tooth can be observed, so the need to understand roots fully has made x-rays very important in the clinic. At Hilton Dental Clinic, we take this to the next level with our CBCT scanner.How does a CBCT scanner work?A CBCT scanner operates using x-rays, but it's quite different to a standard x-ray machine. It shines rays through the bone with a receiver on the other side. This produces a silhouette image, with fine areas of bone appearing lighter and dense areas of bone appearing darker helping us to isolate the problem areas.The cone beam that is produced is of a much lower intensity than a standard x-ray beam, and the receptors surrounding the emitter record reflected x-rays rather than those that penetrate. This is only possible because of significant improvement in receptor technology, producing something more akin to a photograph of the surface of the bone. The computed tomography part is an algorithm that stitches together hundreds of individual photos into a three-dimensional model. The procedure is quick, convenient and improves on the standard x-ray technique with only a fraction of the radiation exposure of traditional x-ray equipment.Guiding TreatmentHaving the capacity to carry out CBCT scans in the clinic has had a knock-on effect on almost every procedure we perform. By getting a clearer picture of roots and connective tissues, it is easier to see cavities and deformities in the roots. Therefore, our CBCT scanner has helped us with planning and everything else from a run-of-the-mill filling to complicated endodontic work.Impact on oral implantsWe have seen some of the biggest impacts on dental implants Nottingham, thanks to being able to obtain highly accurate 3-dimensional models of the potential implant sites. The greater the level of insight we can get, the more successful the later procedure will be. Using a system of images to place implants in their optimum position using this technology maximises the chances of healthy and strong integration.It can also show when preparation surgeries like bone grafting are truly required. Our team will offer the smallest possible graft and will make sure that every step is tailored to the individual needs of each patient.We've been able to help patients rejected from other clinics with dental implants Nottingham. Helped with higher quality scanning and diagnostics on-site, we can plan and mitigate more complicated cases where there may be multiple conditions to consider.Our clinic in Nottingham is currently accepting new patients, so if you're curious about how our expertise and cutting-edge equipment can help you or your family, please feel free to get in contact with us. There is a new patient application form on our website. Alternatively, you can contact our admin staff by email or over the phone.

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