Building back your teeth with dental implants Nottingham

August 15, 2022


If you have lost a tooth or several teeth then you will be aware of the detrimental effect that the experience can have on your mouth. Following the loss you may feel the impact long after the event. Many people who suffer tooth loss find they have to make minor changes to the way they use their mouths as they may wish to avoid tougher foods, such as steak, or may decide to stop smiling if they have lost teeth at the front of the mouth, as a way to prevent embarrassment in public.You may have decided to investigate the various ways that are available to help you to replace your lost teeth and in most cases, this will bring you into contact with the details of dental devices such as bridges or dentures which are used in cases of extreme or total tooth loss. These devices may provide a practical solution to tooth loss, but they do come with their own challenges that some might not be happy to live with.What you may want is a fixed-in-place solution to your tooth loss that feels natural, allowing you to use your teeth in a normal way without the need to worry in any circumstances.At Hilton Dental Clinic we believe we can provide you with an answer to your tooth loss that you will be totally happy with, using dental implants Nottingham we can give you the fixed-in-place solution you may be looking for.The feel of natural teethWith dental implants Nottingham we believe we can replace your lost tooth or teeth in a way that the replacement teeth will feel natural to you, as this is something that we know most patients express that they want. In a while after your treatment, you will be able to use your new teeth. They will feel normal to you, meaning you will no longer have to avoid those tougher foods and you can begin to smile again with confidence.To start your treatment to replace a tooth we will first insert a titanium screw into your jawbone, as we need to create a strong base for your new tooth to be attached to. The tip of the screw is left out above the jawbone so we can access it when needed.We then prepare a ceramic crown by shaping and colouring it in ways that will allow it to mimic the look of a natural tooth, this will enable the crown to blend in with any teeth that are surrounding it. This new tooth will then be attached to the screw that is in your jawbone via an abutment.While we have outlined the process of replacing a single tooth this treatment is suitable for replacing multiple teeth, although the treatment process may differ. If you have a case where multiple teeth need to be replaced you should discuss and plan your treatment with your dentist, as you may need several appointments to complete your dental restoration.Making a positive changeIf you have suffered tooth loss and are looking for a replacement solution, in order to make a positive change, then we would advise you to give some serious consideration to dental implants Nottingham.

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