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February 11, 2021


Whether it is a broken tooth, tooth pain or even a complete loss of a tooth through an accident or injury, your dentist in Nottingham is here to provide you with the kind of bespoke and compassionate care that you need.

A dental emergency can be a very stressful experience and if you are armed with even a small amount of knowledge, you can completely change the outcome of your injury. An emergency encompasses many different issues, from broken crowns or the degradation of other previous restorative dental treatments, to an unknown and consistent pain in your mouth or jaw to the more obvious injury of an avulsed, cracked or broken tooth.

Should any of these issues occur to yourself or to someone in your company, or any other complaint that you are concerned and unsure about, then please do contact us to receive immediate, individualised support and advice so that you can react accordingly prior to your examination.

We will try to bring you in for a consultation as quickly as possible, with some issues more pressing than others. For example, if you can be seen by a dentist in Nottingham within an hour of knocking out a tooth, then there is a chance that we will be able to reinsert the said tooth, meaning that lifelong complications do not need to be a reality.

How is this possible?

If your tooth has been knocked out cleanly, then with minimal handling and by keeping the tooth moist with the right substance, you can ensure that the integrity of the extremely delicate cells of the tooth root are kept intact.

Do not vigorously rub the tooth to keep it clean, rather wash away any dirt gently with either a saline solution or milk. Using water can cause the cells within the tooth to swell and burst, effectively killing the tooth and rendering it unusable for future reinsertion.

If you can place your tooth back into the socket without too much pain, covering it with a cloth and biting down until you reach our dental practice, this is ideal, however don’t swallow your tooth whatever you do! If this is not an option, by keeping the tooth in a saline solution or milk, you will give yourself and your tooth the best possible chance.

What about other dental emergencies

Your dentist in Nottingham will provide you with the best possible advice for your personal situation when you contact our emergency team. This could be to present yourself to the emergency department or to self-administer pain relief until the next available appointment.

We understand that dental discomfort is distressing and all-consuming and therefore endeavour to see you as quickly as possible. Usually, we can offer very fast temporary solutions that alleviate pain before we can book you in for a more complex restorative treatment in due course.

Know that our team is here to help and wish you a speedy recovery. Dental disasters can occur at any time, so by having a compassionate team on hand, you know that you are always looked after.

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