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September 14, 2021


First established in 1965 Hilton Dental Clinic is still addressing the dental needs of the people of West Bridgford and beyond. We are firmly established as a family focused dental practice with preventive medicine as our main thrust. Your dental health is our first priority and to demonstrate our commitment to achieving this we offer free dentistry to all under eighteen year olds. We encourage you to bring your children to our surgery as soon as they are able to walk, as we want them to become familiar and comfortable with the surroundings and with the whole team. We want to build a relationship from childhood to adulthood so that you are able to freely and naturally ask questions about the treatment being offered to you. We will always explain fully the procedures that we are proposing, the time frame involved and using the latest technology we can show you views of how you will look after completion. Our aim is to understand any phobias or fears you may have and to bring you to the stage where you are relaxed, calm and comfortable when you are at our surgery. Our practice is built on you and as you grow up and create a family of your own we want your children and their children to be our friends and patients and to see us as their dentist in Nottingham.

We listen and act

As a modern and progressive dentist in Nottingham we are open to any suggestions you may make and where possible we will try to provide what you ask. Recently we introduced a free e-consultation service using your smartphone and its camera to allow us to view your teeth and gums without having to come into the surgery. This service is convenient especially if someone is experiencing toothache while at work, we can view the inside of the mouth and identify the problem. It allows us to advise you about the urgency of the condition and while only a preliminary assessment you have at least had an urgent consultation. In addition with our in- depth knowledge of facial and neck muscles and bone structure we have added a number of cosmetic procedures which complement our existing skills.

Always striving to improve

Dentistry is moving at such a fast pace with the latest advancements in technology and to keep pace we are committed to regularly attending training in new processes and equipment. This allows the whole team to always be able to offer you the best treatment available. We know that any dental procedure must satisfy a practical element in the first place and with an aesthetically pleasing result.

Treatments that we offer

It is important to promote preventive dentistry and this must start with your children to be effective. Early detection of gum disease and tooth decay can only be achieved with your cooperation by bringing your children in for regular six-monthly visits. We will be able to educate them in the proper procedures of oral hygiene, correct brushing technique and flossing. Our general treatments include repairing broken, chipped or missing teeth. You can also enjoy our cosmetic dentistry treatments which include teeth whitening, porcelain veneers and inlays and onlays as well as white fillings.

A treatment that has made enormous strides over the decades is a substitute for dentures and bridges. We are fully qualified to provide dental implants for single, multiple and complete teeth replacement. Dental implants successfully provide a stable base by working in the same way as your natural teeth, with a titanium post acting as a root. A single implant can support up to four teeth in a row and a full mouth replacement can be achieved by inserting only four dental implants. We have our own qualified dentists who can perform the relevant implant procedures at our surgery here at Hilton Dental Clinic, which means that you do not have to travel to another unfamiliar surgery and be treated by someone you don't know. In addition to dental procedures our training allows us to offer facial aesthetics treatments. Utilising our sterile treatment facilities and our medical knowledge we can offer safe anti-wrinkle procedures, facial slimming, and lip and cheek filler treatments.

Personal care for you and your family

As your dentist in Nottingham our full range of treatments are designed with the pressures of modern life in mind. We understand that practical dental care is vitally important, but we also realise that you want to look your best. The personal relationships that we have built up over the years with our patients allows us to provide that one-on-one personal care and attention.

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