Why you should make regular visits to the dentist

December 14, 2021


‘Why should I visit a dentist in Nottingham regularly?’

This is one of the most common questions we are often asked at Hilton Dental Clinic. Regular visits to a dentist in Nottingham (for most patients this translates as every six months or at least once a year) are important for a number of important reasons. In this post, we take a look at some of the very important tasks a dentist in Nottingham carries out during this visit. We would like patients to remember that these dental appointments focus on ensuring patients enjoy a healthy and optimal functioning mouth throughout the course of their lives.

The critical role of dental visits

It is a common misconception that you only need to visit a dental practitioner when you experience dental pain or an oral health issue. We would like to correct this misconception. Regular dental visits play a critical role in facilitating preventive dentistry. The main aim of preventive dentistry is to put measures in place to avoid dental problems from developing in the first place.

In order to benefit from preventive dentistry, a dentist will need to conduct a physical examination of the mouth to identify signs indicating problem areas. One of the most common types of preventive dentistry techniques patients will be familiar with is the deep dental cleaning procedure, also known as the scale and polish. This oft-relied on procedure targets the removal of the notoriously resistant plaque and tartar deposits that sit on tooth surfaces and are near impossible to remove with a toothbrush.

In addition to deep dental cleaning procedures, here are a few other reasons why you should prioritise a check-up at a dentist.

Get screened for cancer. Yes, you read that right. Our dentist will want to make sure that patients do not exhibit symptoms suggesting oral cancer which can be a serious life-threatening disease if not treated.

Maintain good oral hygiene. Dental appointments are an opportune time to address oral hygiene concerns. Patients can ask our dentist about the best techniques to use when brushing or flossing teeth or which type of mouthwash is best suited for their specific needs. This is a wonderful opportunity to get clarification on any dental hygiene issue you are unsure about.

Get professional advice on further dental work. Sometimes patients spend money on the wrong or risky treatments to improve the look of their smiles. This is often in the absence of proper consultation with a professional dentist. Tooth imperfections like discolouration, for example, may arise because of an underlying oral health issue and might not be corrected with teeth whitening alone. The underlying problem will need to be treated with appropriate dental care first. A professional dental consultation will factor in the real need for a procedure as well as a patient’s goals.

Preserve your natural teeth. Despite the remarkable strength of enamel, it remains vulnerable to decay and loss. Patients can spend substantial amounts of money needlessly on replacing lost natural teeth with artificial alternatives.

If you need more clarification on why regular dental appointments are important, why not give us a call at our clinic to make an appointment with our friendly Nottingham dentist.

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