Why regular dental check-ups at a private dentist are necessary

October 19, 2021


Few patients realise that skipping out on regular oral health checks can result in dental problems that can ruin smiles and reduce one’s quality of life. Visiting a private dentist in Nottingham is an essential necessity to ensure all is well with dental health.

Our private dentist in Nottingham at Hilton Dental Clinic provides high-quality, comprehensive dentistry to help patients achieve lasting dental health. Our wide range of dental treatments covers preventive and general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and restorative dentistry.

Dental wellbeing requires a life-long commitment to maintaining good oral health and our private dentist in Nottingham can play a key role in accomplishing this goal.

Ours is a patient-focused approach to dental care that meets individual patient needs and wishes. Our dental practitioner will provide the patient with all relevant information regarding their dental issue along with the pros and cons of all suitable treatment plan options. While we offer our professional advice and opinion, it is the patient who holds the ultimate decision-making role.

Here’s why regular dental check-ups are so important to dental wellbeing.

Benefits of regular dental visits

Identify dental problems early on. Identifying oral health issues early allows for our dental practitioner to implement preventive measures and so avoid more complex problems from developing later. Preventive measures include professional deep cleanings and dental fillings that help to protect the longevity of teeth.

Seek professional advice. A routine check-up appointment is also an ideal opportunity to consult a dental practitioner about further dental work like cosmetic dental procedures (teeth whitening and veneers) or orthodontic treatment to improve the look of a smile. Most often, these treatments and procedures require professional consultation and our dental practitioner can evaluate needs and make recommendations.

Find out how to maintain oral health from a professional. Patient education is a big part of what we do at our dental practice. While we acknowledge that information is always just a click away, it is always best to get advice on medical-related matters from a reliable source. Our private dentist has a reputation for being a caring and empathetic professional and takes the time to listen and address patients’ fears and anxieties.

Preventive measures save time and money. As is the case with other medical matters, small problems are easier and quicker to fix. The longer the treatment plan, the more expensive the problem is to resolve.

Dental problems require a trained eye for diagnosis. Many dental problems remain undetected as there aren’t glaringly obvious symptoms to identify them. It happens more often than not that patients only become aware of a problem when they sit in a dental chair and have an oral assessment carried out by a trained dental professional.

Improve mouth function. Patients can live their entire lives with their mouths not functioning as well as they should: they may experience difficulties in opening their jaws or they may have bite issues and think these issues are normal and not seek proper dental help. At a dental check-up, such concerns can be addressed and a dentist can get to the root of the problem. Patients can get the help they need to restore normal mouth function again.

If one only takes the time to think about it, dental check-ups provide the perfect opportunity to identify issues, treat problems, get reliable information and advice, and gain peace of mind that one’s oral health is well-protected. Set up a dental check-up today by giving our front desk team a call at Hilton Dental Clinic.

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