Why is it important to visit your dentist in Nottingham?

May 13, 2021


Dental hygiene at home

From a young age, the majority of us are instructed to brush our teeth with a toothbrush twice a day and potentially use a mouthwash as we begin to to get older. Whilst this of course is a vital part of the oral hygiene process, there is so much more to it than just a simple brush, rinse and go.

Brushing a toddler’s teeth is a challenge, then as a child grows and carries out the oral hygiene routine themselves, the brushing can become a chore and therefore a good clean with a standard toothbrush can become a quick brush that only touches the surfaces. Through adulthood many begin to take their dental hygiene more seriously, but in some cases the process at home does not quite do a sufficient job. This is where visiting the dentist in Nottingham comes in.

What can be discovered during a general dental check-up?

Your oral hygiene process requires a large amount of teamwork from both you and your dentist in Nottingham. Whilst the care on a day-to-day basis is in your hands, your dental team is there to ensure that you are using the correct tools and knowledge to accomplish an excellent clean each day. When we talk about the correct tools, it may sound silly, as clearly you need a toothbrush. However, some people brush better with a standard toothbrush whilst others brush too hard and are in need of the electronic or sonic approach. To follow there are the interdental brushes and floss that are to be included. Many individuals are under the impression that a quick brush removes plaque build-up, but do not consider the food debris that builds up between the teeth and that accumulates near the gums. Whilst a bleeding hand is cause for concern, bleeding gums are often pushed aside as an afterthought.

This is why regular dental check-ups with our dentist in Nottingham are so vital. Not only can we keep your knowledge and cleaning methods up to date and on the right course, but we can spot any early signs of gum disease or other dental problems such as tooth misalignment or overbite. By spotting any dental issues early the preventive dental measures can begin to be put in place, reducing the need for treatments and procedures further down the line.

How often should I visit the dental practice?

Many children and adults are encouraged to visit the dental practice every six to twelve months for a regular check-up. This does vary for each patient as it is entirely dependent on the individual case. However, it is important to note that if having treatments or procedures these visits will be more frequent and you will be advised of this during your appointments.

For patients who are nervous about visits to the dental practice, please call and discuss this with our dental team, as they will always take extra measures to ensure you are happy throughout your visits and are encouraged to return for your appointments.

We are always pleased to explain any of the treatments we may consider necessary. It is therefore encouraged and important that all patients seek further information and advice from us on any mentioned within this article.

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