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May 12, 2022


The costs related to dental care are significant and a lot of people reject private treatment out of hand due to this. But when you take a very close look at the nature of the care and its value, that's what you can expect from our private dentist in Nottingham.Treatment optionsThe treatment options available in private practice are significantly wider than NHS care. NHS care focuses on the NICE guidelines; approved treatment which focuses on the clinical effectiveness of over all of the other factors. This is why metal amalgam fillings are still the standard filling option, as they are clinically historically the best filling material over white composite materials. In our private dentist in Nottingham, this has improved dramatically, but only over the past five years with the adoption of better polymer mixes, and UV light curing.Child vs adult careChildren's care is heavily supported by the standard healthcare structure, all the way up until the child turns 18. All orthodontic options stop fairly abruptly, so patients who do not begin their treatment before the age of 18 can find themselves having a very significant bill for brace based treatment. This is one of the factors that has increased the adoption of clear aligners from an adult perspective. The price difference is negligible, with clear aligners having some everyday advantages over the NHS standard treatment.Younger people who wish to use clear aligners still can and this is also becoming more common, but is strictly within the private sector. This often leads to younger patients with relatively minor misalignments that could be treated with a short course of Invisalign ending up in full metal braces and excessive solution to the relatively minor problem. One which we aim to avoid at our private dentist in Nottingham.Waiting time; private vs public careEven before the global disruption, there were great challenges to NHS waiting times. In dentistry, waiting times can have particularly unpleasant outcomes. With diagnosed conditions that could easily be prevented having to be delayed and get worse, simply due to a lack of capacity.This has led to the outsourcing of NHS patients to private hospitals and clinics to relieve waiting list times. This should be seen as a cautionary example of how people's care can end up on the back burner when the system is overstretched and should give you a very good reason to consider and plan for your family's care options, when a potentially inevitable dental emergency comes up.Managing costSudden costs are never appreciated, and dental costs are one of those bills that often springs out of nowhere and are rarely considered in the normal monthly budgeting of most households. They are certainly not a cost that can be easily put off or put on the back burner.We also understand how dental costs can weigh heavily on patients' minds and result in sub-optimal treatment pathways being taken, often not for any medically justified reason but due to financial restraints.

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