What is the role of a private dentist in treating gum disease?

March 16, 2021


Our private dentist in Nottingham offers exceptional care to help patients avoid being held to ransom by painful and uncomfortable dental diseases such as tooth decay and infected gums. We urge patients experiencing worrying symptoms to get in touch with our competent administration support team at Hilton Dental Clinic to set up an appointment to receive much needed care as soon as possible at the hands of a well-experienced and proficient private dentist in Nottingham.

Seeking quality, reliable dental care at Hilton Dental Clinic, whether it is preventive dentistry measures or a restorative dentistry procedure, patients can soon enjoy exciting new food experiences and reap the rewards of a more confident, pleasing, bright smile.

An integral component of a routine check-up appointment with our well-qualified private dentist in Nottingham is to check the condition of a patient’s gums. We are often surprised to hear that many patients are only concerned with the state of their teeth and are not aware that looking after one’s gums is equally important. This is because the health of teeth is inextricably linked to excellent gum health: to have healthy teeth, one needs prime gum health and vice versa.

We strongly encourage patients experiencing any abnormal sensitivity or pain in the gum area including any redness or swelling, not to ignore these symptoms, but to seek the services of a dentist. Here’s why any gum issue should be considered a top concern.

What you should know about gum disease

Gum disease starts off with the development of an infection in the gum tissue that offers a vital support function to the teeth that sit on it. A gum infection often manifests itself in various ways such as swelling, tenderness and bleeding at the site area.

Provided a patient seeks appropriate timely treatment, the gum should not pose any further problem. Left untreated, however, the consequences have the potential to be quite serious – gingivitis, periodontal disease and tooth loss. Deteriorating gum quality can have an adverse effect on the teeth above and the jawbone below.

Needless to say, once a gum infection has progressed (over time) to a more developed state, patients can expect a more complex, more expensive treatment plan to restore gum health.

In addition to the negative effect poor gum health has on overall dental health, there is also an established link (supported by the findings of numerous studies) to heightening the risks of coronary heart disease and other related medical conditions such as strokes.

The accumulation of long standing plaque on the surface of teeth is attributed to be the cause of all types of gum disease. It is interesting to note that there are a variety of factors that come into play in the development of gum disease, some of which may be surprising such as family history, use of tobacco products and chronic conditions like diabetes.

Along with daily brushing of teeth and flossing, a patient may also have to attend professional deep cleaning treatments at our clinic.

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