What are the qualities to look for in a dentist?

October 13, 2021


When it comes to medical matters it is not usual for a patient to go out and seek treatment from the first health practitioner they come across. No, a patient will take the time to find out a bit more about the said health practitioner; what their qualifications are, their experience in a range of medical problems, their reputation and what they are like in treating their patients. Selecting a dentist in Nottingham is no different.

It is advisable that when choosing a dentist in Nottingham that a patient pays careful consideration to certain qualities the dental professional possesses. It is important that a patient feels a sense of trust and confidence with a dentist in Nottingham if they are to receive the very best dental care they deserve. And such a desirable situation can only come about when patients take the time and make the effort to find the right quality of dental practitioner.

At Hilton Dental Clinic we don’t just provide superb dental care, with the latest in dental technologies, in a pleasant and welcoming environment; we also have very competent and caring dentists, passionate in what they do, who have the interests of patients at heart. Patients find our dental team calm and understanding, approachable and warm – all qualities that are needed for a valued patient/practitioner relationship. It is only in such a relationship that a patient’s dental wellbeing can thrive. The following qualities in a dental professional point to the right fit.

Traits to look out for in a dentist

Look for a dental professional who educates patients. At our dental practice, patient education is a key part of dental care. We have found that it is only when patients really understand what is at stake that they take a vested interest in their dental wellbeing. Patients must understand the nature of the problem, the treatments available to correct the issue and the role they can play in protecting their dental health. Our dental team takes the time to explain complex dental matters in easy-to-understand terms, so the patient is empowered in understanding their oral health.

Look for a dental professional who communicates well. Being a good communicator helps build rapport with patients. Open and honest communication is what gains patient trust and confidence.

Look for a dental professional who is empathetic. Patients should not underestimate the need for empathy from a health practitioner. Consider for a moment how difficult it would be to be honest about one’s concerns and anxieties if the health practitioner came across as cold and unfeeling. Such a practitioner would not be overly worried about checking that a patient is comfortable or relaxed during a particularly invasive procedure.

Look for a dental professional who has extensive dental knowledge. Another confidence- builder is a dentist who has vast experience and a broad knowledge base of dental matters that they draw upon to provide the very best level of care to patients.

If it is the qualities a dental practitioner possesses that ultimately sets up the patient’s experience then it stands to reason that extra care should be taken to secure the services of a great dental practitioner. Schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out why we, at Hilton Dental Clinic, are so highly rated by our patients.

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