What are the alternatives to dental implants?

February 8, 2022


There are a few different alternatives to dental implants, depending on your dental requirements and your personal preferences. The most common alternative for dental implants is the use of dentures to replace your missing teeth. Dentures are removable false teeth. They are a cheaper and quicker solution for replacing your missing teeth in comparison to dental implants. If you have one missing tooth or a few missing teeth then you need to speak to our dentist and find out about partial dentures. If you are missing all of your teeth then you need to speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic and find out about complete dentures which replace both your upper and lower arches of teeth.

Bridges are also an effective solution for replacing your missing teeth. Bridges work by joining a false tooth to the neighbouring healthy, natural teeth in the treatment of tooth loss. This helps provide a permanent solution for your missing tooth for as long as the adjacent tooth remains healthy. Speak to our dentist to find out about a fixed bridge and a stick-on bridge, depending on your personal requirements and your dental health.

How long will my dental implants last?

Dental implants are made of titanium and they are designed to last for the rest of your life. Titanium is biocompatible, strong, sturdy and non corrosive, and provides a permanent solution for replacing your missing teeth. Titanium initiates osseointegration whereby osteoblasts, or bone forming cells, form around the implant fusing to the surface of the implant itself so that it becomes embedded into the jawbone. With good dental hygiene and regular visits to the dentist once you have a dental implant, you will be able to enjoy better dental health for life.

How long does it take to recover after getting a dental implant?

Once the titanium implant is inserted into the bone socket of your missing tooth, the process of osseointegration will begin and it will be completed once the implant has been embedded firmly into the jawbone. When your dentist is happy that the implant is fully integrated into your jaw then they will open up the gum and attach a connector post to the implant. After this you will be able to have a prosthetic of your choice to replace your missing tooth or teeth and restore the full functioning of your mouth once again. The whole process can take between three to six months, this will vary from patient to patient and also depends on your body‘s ability to heal itself.

How can dental implants support my dentures?

Dental implants are designed to hold your dentures in place so that they are fixed firmly and comfortably into your mouth. Dental implants also help dentures resemble your natural teeth. Dentures alone can be uncomfortable to wear as they may not fit properly and they become loose whilst carrying out daily activities. With dental implants you can have permanent dentures or snap-on dentures which are comfortable, convenient, stable and also help improve the aesthetic appearance of your smile.

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