What are the advantages of choosing a private dentist in Nottingham?

July 19, 2022


Patients may well wonder what benefits can be reaped from having a private dentist in Nottingham provide their dental care needs. With our all-inclusive service menu at Hilton Dental Clinic, our friendly and capable private dentist in Nottingham can tailor a dental treatment plan to fulfil the individual patient’s exact needs and goals.A wider choice of options offers patients the opportunity to evaluate the pros and cons of each suitable option and make an informed choice when selecting the treatment plan that will give them the results they are after.The benefits of choosing a private dentist in Nottingham go way above and beyond those of the cost of treatment. When it comes to matters of health, even cosmetic procedures, the quality of service carried out in the interest of the patient should be, without a doubt, the single-most-important criterion.Treatments and procedures that are below par run the risk of causing damage and pain and resulting in more expensive treatments to rectify the damage caused. Being a private dental practice, we at Hilton Dental Clinic have a private dentist Nottingham who offers a well-rounded superior quality service defined by a patient-centred approach to dental care, the latest in dental treatment techniques and one-to-one personalised care.In this post, we take a brief look at some of the benefits we offer our patients as a Nottingham private dentist.Ways to benefit from a Nottingham private dentistAll dental practices look to provide general and restorative dental care services that are focused on fixing existing issues and rehabilitating oral health and function. Whereas a private dentist Nottingham will often offer a more diverse selection of treatment options such as cosmetic dentistry. The materials offered are usually of a far superior quality too; this aids in providing desirable and natural-looking results.Another sought-after benefit appreciated at a Nottingham private dentist is the shorter wait times for an appointment. Not only do patients get to see a dentist sooner, but they are also offered relatively longer appointments. This means that patients benefit from the opportunity of asking questions and learning more about their dental health. In hurried appointments, this valuable learning opportunity is lost.A private dentist is more likely to cater to patients’ needs and preferences, especially when it comes to restorative and cosmetic dental treatments. If patients are concerned with how a dental treatment will look – take the case of fillings as an example – they will have access to more premium quality materials (white fillings) than would otherwise be the case.Flexible appointment times are most appreciated by busy patients. Sometimes it is not always possible to fit dental appointments into the 9-5 workday. Private dental practices often cater to busy patients by offering late evening and weekend appointments.As a patient-centred dental practice, we take the time to gain a clear understanding of the patient’s dental needs and overall goals. This higher quality of service includes access to modern equipment and best-practice techniques. Dental practices that rush treatments may not be able to accommodate the needs of nervous patients as well as a private dental practice can.With the quality of dental care that we provide at Hilton Dental Clinic, it is clear why our exceptional private dentist Nottingham makes for the most obvious choice as a dental health provider.

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