Our private dentist in Nottingham: patient-focused dentistry


Our private dentist in Nottingham has been serving our community since 1965, and we are here to bring you the finest dental services. Let us show you what we have offered our community for those years and what you could be a part of.

At Hilton Dental Clinic, we push our teams’ training in equipment to the cutting edge, bringing you the newest x-ray imaging equipment that reduces radiation exposure by 90% and integrating 3D oral scanning technologies into our procedures. We are improving effectiveness and minimising invasiveness, all at the same time.

Treatment ethos

Our private dentist in Nottingham is focused on patient-orientated care; this may seem odd as you might expect all care to be patient orientated, but that is not the case. Most medicine is disease-oriented and deals with where a disease is identified and treated or how its symptoms are mitigated. This focus is on the disease, the treatment and its side effects rather the patient as a whole or the impact on life.

In patient-orientated treatment, sometimes a less effective method will be implemented as it can be more easily integrated into a patient’s lifestyle. For instance, a brace may more rapidly treat a misalignment, but clear aligners can add an extra few months of use, but offer discretion. The use of a clear aligner is an example of the price patients are willing to pay for convenience.

General dentistry

General dentistry often gets left in the shadows when compared to some of the more glamorous aspects of the field, but this field is the bread and butter of our work and maintains the foundation upon which all other procedures are built. Strong healthy teeth are necessary before any cosmetic or orthodontic considerations as these must be based on a good foundation of oral hygiene. Issues with tooth decay or gum disease will need to be treated before you undertake any cosmetic or orthodontic care.


Restoration of function is what guides the reconstruction of our private dentist in Nottingham. It does not mean that aesthetics are not considered, just that the priority is the return of function, and many of the procedures will significantly improve a patient’s bite quality as well as their appearance. For instance, crowning is performed on a decayed and unstable tooth; this is done to stop decay and return the necessary strength to the tooth for it to cope with the rigours of eating. Crowning substantially improves aesthetics incidentally; the same is true for fighting gum disease and gum recession and correcting dental erosion both from physical grinding and acid damage.

Cosmetic treatment

We also provide a wide range of cosmetic services, giving you control over the shade of your teeth and their straightness and fillings that would go unnoticed. Our aesthetic skills go beyond just teeth. We have a range of aesthetic skin and facial treatments aimed both at rejuvenating and reinventing your appearance. So whether you’re looking to roll back a few years or bring on a new, glamorous you, we’re here to help.