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October 10, 2022


Modern technology allows us to provide a wide variety of options for you to use to arrange a dental appointment or consultation at your convenience. Over fifty years of service to the local community and always evolving to provide the best service available, we are ready to help you. As a patient of our dentist Nottingham you are able to contact us by phone, email, online or by using our e-consultation service. It is important that patients keep on top of their dental maintenance, to achieve this all our avenues of communication are open.Friendly, comfortable and invitingOver fifty years, practising as a dentist Nottingham, we have evolved so that we are able to offer dentistry in a modern environment which is friendly, comfortable and inviting. All of our staff have a naturally convivial nature which is evident by the warm welcome that our patients enjoy when they come to the dental surgery. Building relationships with patients has been at the core of our dental practice, Hilton Dental Clinic, for decades. Different generations of the same family are patients at this dentist Nottingham, because of the trusting, candid relationship that we have with them.Years of preaching preventive dentistryThere is no substitute for a regular dental regime and our dental patients have been hearing us explaining and educating them about the need for proper regular dental care. Of course, we are here to provide additional dental maintenance, like tooth extractions, fillings, root canals or repairs to broken and damaged teeth, when necessary. We also want our patients to enjoy our cosmetic services like tooth whitening and dental straightening for those with misaligned teeth. For those with lost teeth we can produce dentures and bridges. We also have highly qualified clinicians who have vast experience in dental implants. So, we are here to help you maintain your teeth, but we are part of your team, and your regular dental maintenance will help you to enjoy your teeth for your lifetime.Do your children a huge favourIf you have children, bring them with you when you have a dental appointment. Our friendly and helpful staff will look after them while you receive your treatment. This will help them to build confidence and become familiar with all of us making them comfortable in our dental surgery. When it is their time to have a dental examination, they will regard it as a natural procedure because mummy and daddy have it done. This simple action can be the greatest gift that you can give them and will help them to keep their teeth for the duration of their lives.Looking after more than just your mouthAs dentists we are well trained in anatomy, especially the head, neck and shoulders and all the bones, muscles and skin. Daily use of injection techniques and equipment means that we are familiar with administering injections safely. If you feel that you would like to have some non- surgical anti-wrinkle, lip and cheek treatment, facial slimming or neck lift therapy, our trained clinicians are here to serve you. It makes sense to have these treatments done in a sterile surgery by a practitioner that you know and trust.

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