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October 12, 2022


Modern dentistry has evolved into a more personal and patient-focused experience and as a dentist West Bridgford it is necessary for us to be more proactive than in the past. Maturing with the community has allowed our practice, Hilton Dental Clinic, to understand patients’ expectations and deliver the services they require. Over the past fifty years different generations of the original patients who have remained in the community are now also patients.Relationships and nervous patientsBeing a proactive dentist West Bridgford means providing a welcoming and warm experience to patients on arrival at our dental surgery. All our staff need to be striving to achieve the same result which is ensuring that the dental experience encourages our patients to return. Using fifty years of experience makes this task a lot easier. Developing a ‘chairside’ manner is not something that can be taught at dental school, but it is a skill that can be developed. It is difficult to think of many other professions that always require such close contact and a good patient/dentist relationship is important. A candid relationship also allows our dentist to be honest about a patient's dental hygiene especially if it requires improvement.Brings those youngstersIf a patient has children our dentist West Bridgford encourages the children to be brought in as young as possible. A child that is introduced early to the dental surgery is more likely to be less anxious about dental visits than a child who comes into the surgery in their teens. It's all about becoming familiar with surroundings and getting to know the staff. It is also an opportunity for our dentist to identify any problems that may require urgent attention or a condition that may need orthodontic work later.Modern demandsTwenty-first century patients are becoming more aware of the importance of their teeth from a practical and a cosmetic point of view. Teeth are designed to chew food so that the gastric juices can digest what has been eaten. To achieve this dental and jaw alignment treatment may be necessary. Modern dentistry has seen some incredible advancements over the decades and the earlier traditional metal brace has undergone a dramatic modernisation. In addition a variety of braces and aligners have been created making treatment more targeted and efficient. Replacing lost teeth is no longer just for a bridge or dentures. Dental implants are now available to more patients than before and provide a stable and cosmetically agreeable replacement. Teeth whitening has become increasingly popular, but care must be taken to ensure that the solution used is compatible with each particular patient. No two people are identical and therefore it is necessary to discuss teeth whitening with our dentist and get advice and guidance. Listening to patients' concerns and suggestions is beneficial to both the patient and our dentist.Using all the dental skillsDentistry involves learning all about the skin, bones, muscles and sinews, especially of the head, neck and shoulders. This training makes the dentist the perfect clinician to deliver aesthetic treatments. Anti-wrinkle treatments, dermal fillers, facial slimming and neck lifts are all treatments that our dentist can deliver safely in their treatment rooms.

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