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March 17, 2022


At the Hilton Dental Clinic, we are proud to provide the highest standards of dental care at our private dentist in Nottingham, serving the local community and making cutting-edge dentistry as widely available as possible. Find out more below about how we can help you!

Our standards and thoughts about modern dental care

We understand that our patients are at the heart of our surgery; we hold ourselves to the highest standards, attempting to meet your needs and to meet as many of your wishes as possible. We carry out treatments of the best quality and are always investing in the training of our staff and equipping our surgery to stay at the cutting-edge of dental medicine.

We hold our staff to stringent standards of professionalism and warmth, providing a reassuring yet thorough chairside manner. We attempt to make booking with us as streamlined and fast as possible. In spite of all of the recent challenges and disruption, we respect our patients' time and attempt to see them as promptly as possible, particularly for emergency care. We will always provide full explanations of treatments and a written treatment plan which encompasses all inclusive pricing, allowing costs to be entirely clear before engaging in any course of action.

We have and will continue to prioritise our patients' well-being at our private dentist in Nottingham working within government guidelines on infection control.

Introductions in first check-ups

We understand that personal rapport is important. Our job is to guide you and help you to maintain or meet any aesthetic goals you might have. Our dentist is a trusted professional, helping you towards the most effective treatments, rather than a salesperson, or spreading sensationalist or worrying dental news, which is all too common with online advice.

Your first check-up is where we get to grips with the baseline of your oral health and look into what interventions may be necessary. This is a bit more in depth than your regular check-up, as it will include your broader medical history treating you as holistically as possible, considering interacting conditions like diabetes, genetic factors and osteoporosis. We will also inquire into any ongoing prescription medications you are taking.

With our private dentist in Nottingham, we check the state of any previous work, like fillings, crowns and other restorative methods. All treatments have limited lifespans, so making sure your fillings are not loose and have no cavities encroached around or beneath them is very important.

We also take note of dental erosion, caused by wear and tear or acid damage, so that early prevention can stop unnecessary cavities before they form. We take early gingivitis symptoms seriously, preventing gum disease before it takes hold, which can result in receding gums and tooth loss. If gingivitis has started, we will start to discuss monitoring and treatment options whether that's just change in oral hygiene or gum grafting.

From the first to the last check-up, we include a screening for mouth cancer, this is particularly important for smoking patients, but is generally useful for everybody as mouth cancers respond well to early intervention. They are easily treated when only the surface of the tissue is affected, but become rapidly more complicated as nerves and muscle tissue of the face and neck are particularly complex and are often the next space this cancer moves into.

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