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August 12, 2022


We know that everybody wants to enjoy a good level of health throughout their entire body and this is something that many of us strive for. This may lead you to exercise regularly and eat a nutritious diet so you can gain a level of health that you are happy with. But are you fully aware of why you need to pay extra attention to the oral health and hygiene standards you require if you really wish to keep yourself completely healthy?You need to regard the mouth as the gateway to the rest of your body, after all, you use it to consume food and drink that provide your body with the vitamins, nutrients, and hydration it needs to stay healthy and function at its best. This then makes it vital that you go to great lengths to maintain strict oral hygiene levels, as this may enhance your body's health and could help fight against many common illnesses.At Hilton Dental Clinic, our dentist West Bridgford, we are aware that many of our patients practise a twice-daily oral cleaning routine, through brushing and flossing. However, we would point out that it is essential to visit a dental practice for regular check-ups and to receive any treatment needed if they wish to enjoy the best possible oral health and hygiene standards.The benefits of registrationIf you are not registered with a dentist West Bridgford then you are missing out on the many benefits that a dental practice has to offer, this may mean that you are missing out on vital dental care that would benefit your teeth and gums. Yet, it is never too late to register with us and start to receive the benefits for your oral health and hygiene.Being a registered patient will enable you to access any treatment you may need in a manner that is timely, convenient, and reliable, allowing you to ensure that your teeth are kept at their best throughout your life and during the time you are a patient of our dental practice.As a registered patient, you will be able to receive your oral health check-ups on a regular basis, normally every six months. This will allow any developing issues to be identified early and preventive steps to be taken, to stop any problems you may have from worsening. This would then stave off the need for the use of invasive dental treatment such as fillings or extractions.Come for your first check-upOnce you are registered with our dental practice you will be invited to attend your first appointment where you will go through a full oral health check-up. This means your teeth, gums, and mouth will be fully examined and the findings will be recorded to form a starting point for helping you with your oral health and hygiene in the future. This is also a great opportunity for us to introduce ourselves to you.If you are not registered with a dentist West Bridgford then there is no time like the present to make a change. Starting the process begins by making a phone call to our reception.Our friendly and capable private dentist in Nottingham can tailor a dental treatment plan to fulfill each individual patient’s exact needs and goals.

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