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June 14, 2022


When taking care of our bodies it is hard to believe that we are not alone with the task. From doctors to therapists to dentists. No matter what area of our health we take a look at, there is some form of support system available to us to guide us. When it comes to your oral health, this is where our dentist comes in.From regular dental check-ups to treatments and procedures, our dental team is here as a part of your support system and working together your oral health will benefit immensely.Zooming in on the detailsHeading into the bathroom to clean teeth has been so ingrained into daily life that more often than not, a deeper look in the mirror at our teeth, mouth and gums is something we do not bother with. After all, surely the daily brush is enough is it not?Whilst the daily brushes are essential, it is highly important to focus on the hard-to-reach areas such as in between the teeth, the root of the teeth and the surrounding gum. By overlooking how efficient your clean really is, the unwanted bacteria will be able to manifest and harden, creating possible dental problems further down the line.By attending regular dental check-ups, our dentist can not only help you to eliminate any problems which may be occurring, but they can also help to refocus your attention and get your brain examining the finer details each morning.The larger pictureWhilst the finer details to our oral health are of the utmost importance, it is necessary to also take a step back and look at the long-term impact of poor oral hygiene. From gum disease developing to periodontal disease to tooth loss, the impact of not having a good level of oral hygiene can be noticeable on a day-to-day basis. Attending regular dental appointments for your biannual or yearly check-ups can be the difference between keeping your teeth or having to restore your teeth. Caring for your smile is as much our job as it is yours, so let our team at Hilton Dental Clinic work with you to protect your smile.Taking care of you and your familyAlongside your own oral health, it may be that you have children and whilst their teeth are all shiny and new when they are young, regular check-ups are still encouraged. These visits throughout childhood are not only important in protecting the smile and ensuring that any potential dental issues are handled promptly, before significant issues arise, but they also help create positive associations with our dental practice.This may sound odd, but by you reinforcing positive associations with the dental practice, the dental team and the appointments in general, your child is less likely to harbour any fear or anxiety towards visits to our dentist. This in turn will be setting your family’s smiles up for success.Working as a team with our dentist will protect your smile on a long-term basis and will ensure that you are educated enough to efficiently care for your teeth on a daily basis. Get yourself booked in for a check-up if you do not already have one planned.

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