How important is it to choose the right dentist?

July 12, 2022


Scientific studies have shown that overall health is closely tied to dental health. When there is a problem in the mouth and it is left to go unchecked, this problem will likely go on to impact the patient’s health and quality of life in several ways.Take the case of teeth lost to decay. Lost teeth open up the likelihood of eating challenges (results in poor nutrition), speech impediments (impacts self-confidence), orthodontic issues (when adjacent teeth begin to shift out of position) and loss in jawbone density (hastens a shrunken facial appearance). Additionally, there is also the disastrous consequence to confidence due to the loss of a smile.If dental health plays such an all-important role in protecting physical and mental health, then it stands to reason that patients must do all they can to secure the health and function of their mouths. This is best done with the attention of a highly capable and experienced dentist in Nottingham.At Hilton Dental Clinic, we offer superb-quality service to all our patients underpinned by a patient-first approach to dental care. When not every dental practitioner operates in the interest of their patients, our qualified and well-experienced dentist in Nottingham focuses on providing a positive patient experience.It is this positive patient experience from our dentist in Nottingham that makes patients more likely to take a greater interest in their dental health going forward. Regular checkups and timely preventive measures will ensure that patients retain the use of their natural teeth for the long term and avoid the expense and inconvenience of having to treat preventable dental diseases and problems.Signs that point to a great dentistDoes the Nottingham dentist come highly recommended? The first positive indicator that this is a good dentist Nottingham is the recommendations from patients who have received care there before. Personal recommendations about the types of treatment sought are especially important; patients can gain much information from the experiences of other patients and what they have to say.Does the dental practitioner inspire confidence? This quality can most assuredly be determined upon a face-to-face meeting with the dental practitioner. Establishing confidence is worth taking the time; after all, prospective patients will want to put their dental health in the hands of the most capable dental practitioner. Patients will find our Nottingham dentist to be personable, patient and understanding. There is no judgement at our dental practice but only the desire to offer quality care and empathetic friendly service.Are a variety of dental services offered? Once patients have aligned themselves with a dentist that is the right fit, they will want to stick with this dental practice. Patients’ needs change over time; their current needs may be a routine dental clean, but they may be interested in cosmetic dentistry later down the line. Finding a dental practice that offers a service menu covering all the common fields of dental care such as general dentistry, restorative dentistry, cosmetic dentistry and teeth straightening is quite convenient.At Hilton Dental Clinic, we offer patients the best of all worlds: a first-class patient experience, modern dental treatments, superior quality materials and efficient processes. To experience our dental care difference, give us a call to schedule an appointment.

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