How dental practitioners are our friends, a guide to dentistry for our younger patients!

May 20, 2021


Here at Hilton Dental Clinic we are your friendly local dentist in Nottingham, and despite what you may have heard, we're here to help. Just as a doctor might help you with an injury, sometimes teeth become injured and we help them to get better! We can provide prescriptions, diagnose like a doctor, but also perform minor operations like a surgeon.

We've always been here

Since the earliest times when humans lived in small nomadic groups or caves, there has been the need for somebody to provide dental care when tooth decay occurred. Along with fillings or false teeth, dentistry is as old as stone tool use!!

How do things work at the dentist?

In England, dental care is provided in two ways: it's either directly paid for as you might pay for a haircut or is paid for via the NHS the National Health Service, the same way the hospitals are via taxes. There are lots of rules that a dentist in Nottingham has to follow to make sure they always do a good job! And they have to spend a lot of time studying and learning to become dentists.

Registry at your local dentist

Even if you don't need them right now, it's important to register with your local dentist in Nottingham. They can perform twice yearly check-ups, just to make sure your teeth are fine and help you if there's anything that could become a problem in the future. Once you're registered, you will be able to make an emergency appointment if you ever have to, such as from injuries like a chipped tooth after falling over or if you ever get a toothache.

What things can your dentist do?

Our dentists can do a lot of things; most of the time we are teaching people about how to look after their teeth to the highest level possible, so you don't need to see us as often!! And sometimes we have to operate on teeth. These are minor oral surgeries, like tooth extractions or fillings which are done to treat cavities. But not all the work we do is about cavities; sometimes perfectly healthy teeth are slightly misaligned and need to be straightened. This is done using braces and other tools and is generally known as orthodontics. Sometimes you might have to see a specialist orthodontist if you have a complex case.

When people lose teeth due to accidents or disease, your local dentist can have false ones made. These could be a set of teeth like a denture, a bridge or an individual false tooth! When it's done well you would never guess that they weren't natural teeth!

The people you'll find at the dentist

There are more people who work at the dentist practice than just the dentist. There's likely to be a dental assistant working directly with the dentist, as well as a dental hygienist who cleans teeth and our secretarial staff who book in patients and manage medical records. AlI of us are here to help and you should never be embarrassed about asking questions if you are curious.

We hope we can see you for your next check-up at our practice in Nottingham!

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