Gaining an insight into the teeth whitening process

June 21, 2022


With a focus on appearance throughout society, the increase in cosmetic dental treatments and procedures is no surprise. This is why, at Hilton Dental Clinic, we offer a vast array of cosmetic dental treatments.If you are considering options to improve your oral health and the appearance of your smile, pop in to our practice to visit the team and open up discussions with our private dentist in Nottingham. By taking this first step you will uncover what is on offer and gain an understanding of what options may be best suited to your individual case.A cosmetic approachWhen referring to cosmetic dentistry, we are not just discussing alterations to your appearance that are not necessarily required. We are focusing on treatments and procedures that can improve your dental aesthetics whilst correcting and improving possible dental problems too, like veneers. Often without an unsightly or uncomfortable process to get the end results. No matter what cosmetic process you consider, the idea is to improve and enhance your smile further, alongside potentially increasing your self-esteem.Removing stains from your teeth is just one of the popular cosmetic treatments delivered by our clinic. Below we look into some of the options on offer.The at-home approachFor some, visits to the dental practice can fill them with uneasiness and therefore the at-home treatment options are often more suited to their individual needs. Luckily, when it comes to teeth whitening, there is an at-home option.This consists of tailor-made trays and a whitening gel which is applied to the tray and worn for short periods of time throughout the day or overnight. With this convenient, non-invasive daily life approach, it is no wonder that the at-home option has proved to be considerably popular. Within around two weeks of treatment, providing the process is followed as instructed, results can be visibly seen.An in-house approachIn some cases, the responsibility of remembering to wear the dental trays each day and taking the whitening process into their own hands can feel like a burden to a patient. In this case, an in-house approach may be more suitable. It can also be a faster approach and therefore should a special event be on the horizon, you may be after instant results.As with the whitening gel used at home, teeth whitening is a safe and efficient procedure. Whether the stains and discolouration are from regular foods and drinks, or from medicines taken in the past, there are options as to how to achieve the brightened smile.The Pola whitening approach delivered by our private dentist in Nottingham is an advanced whitening system which can improve the appearance of your teeth in just one visit to the dental practice. Perfect for those who are after an immediate quick fix.Deciding which option is best for youOur private dentist in Nottingham offers the two alternative whitening solutions as different people will prefer different approaches. The decision on which you would choose is generally down to how quickly you would like the results to be visible.Open up discussion today with our private dentist in Nottingham and get your smile sparkling brighter in no time at all.

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