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October 17, 2022


Over the past five decades this dentist West Bridgford has been taking care of the dental needs of generations of families. For years as a dentist West Bridgford it was necessary to provide a reactive rather than a dynamic dental service. Dentistry today has adopted a far more bold and motivated approach and a greater emphasis is on dental education and preventive dentistry. It has been an exciting fifty years of dental evolution at Hilton Dental Clinic.Providing a variety of treatmentsA thorough knowledge of the anatomy of the head neck and shoulders enables this dentist West Bridgford in Nottingham to provide the local community with the services that they expect from their surgery. When meeting someone it is natural to look at their face and as a dentist taking care of a patient's teeth and gums to ensure that they function practically as they were intended to is at the heart of dental care. In addition to ensuring the practical function of a patient’s teeth, it has become increasingly important to provide cosmetic and facial aesthetic treatments as well.Practical and cosmetic treatments complementing each otherExtracting a tooth will inevitably lead to a loss of jawbone density which can cause the face to sink or droop. Moving on from just dentures and bridges, it is now possible to replace a missing tooth with a dental implant. Dental implants replace a missing tooth and also stop jawbone degeneration. The dental implant uses the same principle as a normal tooth by relying on a root, which is a titanium post, to support a tooth, which is a prosthetic crown. It is possible to replace four teeth in a row on one dental implant and an entire mouthful of teeth on just four implants. Correcting misaligned teeth has also seen major developments and it is now possible to use clear braces which makes the appliance less conspicuous.Using knowledge of the anatomy for non-dental servicesHaving a wealth of head, neck and shoulder anatomical knowledge provides dentists with the opportunity to expand their services. Providing safe non surgical facial treatments like anti-wrinkle treatment in a safe treatment room is a service that comes easily to the dental profession.Dentistry, a unique serviceIn an era of a technological revolution, dentistry has been at the forefront of embracing technology to improve dental services. There are not many services that require such close contact to deliver treatment. Performing procedures in a patient's mouth necessitates the development of a unique relationship. Part of being a good dentist is establishing a patient and dentist trust that allows for a candid relationship. It is important for a patient to feel comfortable discussing their anxieties when a dentist identifies a dental problem. The modern dentist explains in as much detail as possible the condition, the possible solutions and the probable outcome.Complete 21st century dentistUsing all the modern technology, equipment, techniques and over fifty years of dental experience allows this dental practice to deliver dynamic services for the modern patient. Today’s dentist provides practical and cosmetic dental care as well as mental peace of mind. Being able to rely on a trusting relationship to also enjoy some aesthetic pampering in a safe, controlled environment.

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