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November 9, 2021


Putting time aside for your oral care

With life continuing to be lived in the fast lane, keeping on top of your overall health is essential, and this includes your oral health. Whether it be putting more time aside for your daily cleans or ensuring that you visit our dentist in Nottingham for regular checkups, your oral health deserves the highest dedication. With regular visits to us at Hilton Dental Clinic, you not only need to ensure that your teeth, mouth and gums are all present and cared for, but you also need to take a deeper look into how efficient your daily care routine is. After all, our dental team is dedicated to your oral care and, therefore, hopes to work as a team with you.

Focusing on the finer details

When looking in the mirror each morning brushing your teeth, you may rarely look closer for an in-depth inspection. The bacteria building up around the root of the teeth and gums may be overlooked due to the important meeting that you need to get to. Or perhaps the children are interrupting your clean, and the usual floss becomes so infrequent that your gums begin to bleed. No matter what the cause is, the impact can build up over time, and this is where regular visits to our dentist in Nottingham can greatly benefit the health of your smile.

Whilst daily life may throw you off of your stride, our dedicated and professional dental team will be there to work with you by providing efficient and effective methods to keep your overall oral health on track. It may be that the use of interdental brushes is recommended or maybe it is as simple as lengthening the duration of your clean each day. No matter what, it is important to understand that you have a team supporting and encouraging you each step of the way.

Snapshots of the larger picture

In conjunction with working on the finer details, it is also necessary to take a look at the long term effects of poor dental hygiene. Whilst dental problems such as gum disease or tooth loss do not necessarily occur overnight, attending regular checkup appointments will help ensure that your teeth, mouth and gums remain healthy in the long run. Caring for your smile today not only impacts the current day but has a ripple effect on the future of your oral health. This is why working with our dentist in Nottingham can be highly beneficial throughout your life.

Caring for the whole family

Bringing children to Hilton Dental Clinic has many long term benefits, both physically and emotionally. When faced with something new, it is easy to shy away from the situation. However, by creating positive introductions early on in a child’s life, the positive reinforcement will create a bridge that will affect them through to their adult life. Whether the child merely watches or takes part in the appointment, by meeting the dental team and being familiar with the surroundings and process, they should feel comfortable in participating themselves. Building positive connections throughout life is essential with the dentistry world.

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