Cosmetic treatments our private dentist at the Hilton Dental Clinic can offer you

February 16, 2021


In the UK, many dental patients are familiar with the services offered through their NHS dental team.

With the bands of treatments broken down into 3, it is easy, quick and simple to know which services you will be able to receive and how much they will cost. But when it comes to the cosmetic side of dental care, there are only so many options that the NHS can provide to dental patients; their role is to ensure that teeth are maintained to a high level and that they are functioning correctly.

So, what are your options if you want a more cosmetic approach to your teeth?

At the Hilton Dental Clinic, we can help. As a private dentist in Nottingham, we can offer all of our patients cosmetic treatments, helping to boost confidence in how your smile looks. We provide a myriad of preventive and general dental options too, but our primary focus is cosmetic dental care, giving you a smile you won’t be able to stop showing off!

But what are some of the more popular cosmetic dental options we offer?

Dental implants

The perfect solution if you have a missing adult tooth or set of teeth, dental implants are commonly performed by our private dentist in Nottingham.

A treatment split into 2 parts, we first attach a metal screw to your jaw in specific places and then, 3-6 months later, we attach either a prosthetic tooth or set of teeth to the implant(s). Looking and feeling just like real teeth, these will help you to bite into and chew food, while also closing that pesky gap!


There are a few NHS clinics who offer veneers, but our private dentist in Nottingham has more experience with these nifty little coverings.

Applied to the front of your teeth, veneers can whiten, straighten and correct asymmetries in your smile along with closing gaps. Also useful if you have dental sensitivity, veneers are a versatile cosmetic option which restores both the appearance and the functionality of your teeth.

Facial aesthetics

Interestingly, there has been a surge in dental clinics in the private sector offering non-surgical, facial aesthetics and the Hilton Dental Clinic is no exception.

We can offer patients a range of facial aesthetic treatments, such as anti-wrinkle treatments, facial slimming and lip or cheek fillers. A perfect accompaniment to any cosmetic dental work you have recently had.

Teeth whitening

Yes, many NHS dental surgeries offer dental whitening but at the Hilton Dental Clinic, we use the Pola whitening system; with both in the chair and at-home whitening, this simple process can whiten your teeth up to 16 shades in as little as 14 days, meaning you won’t have to worry about powerful bleaches or abrasive gels eroding your enamel, causing issues with sensitive teeth.

These are just some of the cosmetic dental and facial treatments that our team at the Hilton Dental Clinic can offer you. Contact our friendly team today to discuss what we can offer you personally!

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