Cosmetic dentistry for a perfect smile

July 22, 2021


It is important to look after your teeth and maintain good oral hygiene for overall well-being. If you have a good dental hygiene routine in place and regular check-ups with your dentist show that your teeth are clean and healthy and that your gums are strong, then you may want to consider improving the aesthetics of your smile. There are many different factors which can affect the way you feel about your smile and advances in dental technology mean that there is no need to remain silent about them any longer. We want you to smile confidently and happily and we want you to be proud of your teeth. A beautiful smile is a great factor in feeling attractive and self-confident and here at our clinic we understand that everyone dreams of healthy teeth and a gleaming smile. If you have found yourself looking at the before and after pictures of cosmetic treatments on dental websites then look no further, speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic and find out about the different cosmetic dentistry options that are available here with your private dentist.

Factors affecting the look of your smile

There are many different factors affecting the aesthetics of your smile and these include yellow teeth, crooked and misaligned teeth, gaps in your teeth, overcrowding of your teeth, unsightly fillings and braces, and even tooth loss. Not only do these issues affect the look of your smile, but they can also result in dental problems as well. If you are suffering from such conditions with your teeth then speak to your private dentist in Nottingham and find out about the different cosmetic dentistry options that we can provide to help create a happy and confident smile for you.

Teeth whitening for a brighter and happier smile

Yellow teeth are one of the first and most common cosmetic issues that are presented at the dentist. Teeth staining can occur as a result of many different reasons, including poor oral hygiene, lifestyle choices such as smoking, or different foods and drinks such as tea, coffee and cola. Also some medications and underlying diseases can result in yellow, discoloured teeth. Teeth whitening is one of the most common cosmetic treatments carried out here at your private dentist in Nottingham and we use the POLA advanced whitening system which has proven popular with our patients. Speak to us at Hilton Dental Clinic and find out about how POLA teeth whitening systems work, and you can either have a session with your private dentist in Nottingham or you can take away a home whitening kit if that suits you better. We will carry out a professional clean of your teeth and make sure that there are no underlying issues present which may be exacerbated by the treatment procedure or may influence the results of the procedure itself. The results will depend on the severity of the staining of your teeth to begin with, however the treatment is designed to produce noticeable results and you will be able to smile confidently and happily again very soon. With good oral hygiene you will be able to maintain the whiteness of your teeth and you can speak to your dentist about further treatments where necessary.

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